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How Did Members Of The Safe Climate Caucus Vote On The Progressive Climate Bill?

U.S. Representative Henry Waxman is the chair of the Safe Climate Caucus, an organization of members of the U.S. House of Representatives that claims to be committed “to end the conspiracy of silence in the House of Representatives about the dangers of climate change.” Those are lovely words, but words won’t stop climate change. Legislative action can.

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives saw the opportunity, at long last, for legislative action to confront climate change. The Back To Work Budget included a provision to transfer the cost of carbon dioxide pollution from the general population to the corporations that are responsible for the majority of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States. If enacted, this legislation would have dramatically reduced carbon emissions in the USA while creating economic stimulus and reducing the federal budget deficit by 4.4 trillion dollars. Bewilderingly, the majority of Democrats in the U.S. House voted against it.

What about Henry Waxman? Waxman wimped out. Despite all of his big talk about confronting climate change, Representative Waxman didn’t even bother to file a vote on the climate-friendly Back To Work Budget bill.

Here’s how the other members of the Safe Climate Caucus voted on the legislation to force big corporate polluters to pay for their carbon dioxide emissions:

back to work budget vote 2013Hank Johnson YES
Earl Blumenauer YES
Barbara Lee YES
Lois Capps NO
Ben Ray Lujan NO
Emanuel Cleaver YES
Edward Markey NO
Steve Cohen YES
Doris Matsui NO
Donna Edwards YES
Jerry McNerney NO
Keith Ellison YES
Jim Moran YES
Tulsi Gabbard NO
Bobby L. Rush YES
John Garamendi NO
Paul Tonko YES
Raul Grijalva YES
Chris Van Hollen NO
Rush Holt YES
Peter Welch YES
Jared Huffman YES
Peter DeFazio NO
Carolyn Maloney YES

Of the 25 members of the Safe Climate Caucus, only 15 supported last week’s progressive legislation to finally take action against climate change. 9 Safe Climate Caucus members actually voted against the legislation to deal with climate change.

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