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Sheldon Whitehouse Steps Up To Deal With Climate Change, But Senate Declines To Act

For some months now, I’ve been poking at Senator Sheldon Whitehouse on the issue of climate change. Whitehouse has been an eloquent speaker on the issue, calling upon his Senate colleagues to take action… but until recently, Whitehouse hadn’t taken action on the climate issue himself.

A few days ago, that changed. Senator Whitehouse offered S.Amdt. 646 to S.Con.Res. 8, a legislative amendment that would have, if passed, begun the process for establishing a fee on the carbon dioxide pollution that is known to be causally linked to climate change. Republicans love to bluster about what they call a “carbon tax”, complaining that businesses will be economically crippled if they have to pay a fee when they release massive amounts of carbon dioxide pollution into the atmosphere. The fact is, though, that Americans are already paying a price for carbon dioxide emissions. The damage caused by carbon dioxide, in extreme weather events, is already costing American citizens and businesses immense amounts of money. The thing is that the corporations that release the lion’s share of the carbon dioxide aren’t paying for the expense. They’re expecting other businesses, the government, and individual Americans to pick up the tab for them.

Introducing his legislation, Senator Whitehouse warned, “We can ignore obvious facts, we can ignore the essentially unanimous science, we can ignore our generals and admirals, we can ignore the insurance industry’s warnings, but we ignore carbon pollution at our peril, and we have subsidized it long enough. It is past time to wake up from our sleepwalking. This vote is a test. Whether we pass or fail is a measure of us.”

senate democratsThe vote on the Whitehouse amendment was indeed a test, and every single Republican member of the U.S. Senate failed the test. They weren’t alone, however. Their names are:

Max Baucus, Joe Donnelly, Kay Hagan, Heidi Heitkamp, Tim Johnson, Tim Kaine, Mary Landrieu, Joe Manchin, Claire McCaskill, Mark Pryor, John Rockefeller, Jon Tester, and Mark Warner.

In the days to come, I’ll be detailing the corrupt financial relationships between these senators and the industries responsible for huge amounts of carbon dioxide pollution.

3 thoughts on “Sheldon Whitehouse Steps Up To Deal With Climate Change, But Senate Declines To Act”

  1. Tom says:

    Too bad that no matter what you do, it isn’t going to change the corporate take-over. People don’t have the power to do anything about any of this now and the government isn’t going to fix itself. Now i know you’ll start talking about how we the people can vote them out and other vestiges of a long-gone time and under a discontinued Constitution lying on a bed of shredded rights, but it’s over for politics as a viable means of change. Violence is out too since they have the military and homeland security as well as spy agencies, drones and the CIA to deal with recalcitrants. The only thing that’s going to stop industrial civilization and all of those forces is the collapse of the environment, which is on-going as we speak in the melting Arctic ice, through the dying vegetation (notably trees right now) and through the steady decline of resources that aren’t coming back. The desperate attempts to control nature and humanity will result in both being eliminated in our lifetimes. Enjoy your remaining time and make your peace as you watch it all unfold. It will be beyond horrible.

  2. Tom says:

    Remember the BP “spill” and how it’s all fixed now?

    I Don’t Like Being Lied To, Neither Did This Documentary Crew

    On Earthday, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig sank creating the worst oil spill in history. According to the global media, the story ended when the well was capped – but that’s when the real story began. By exposing the root causes of the oil spill and what really happened after the news cameras left the Gulf states, filmmakers Josh and Rebecca Tickell uncover a vast network of corruption.

    The New Orleans Times Picayune says THE BIG FIX is “a full-on, no-holds-barred bit of investigative journalism” into the dark secrets surrounding one of the largest man-made environmental catastrophes in American history.

    THE BIG FIX is “a damning indictment” (Time Out New York) of a system of government and corporate collusion that puts the pursuit of profit over all other human and environmental needs. Through “smart, covert reporting that shames our news media” (The Village Voice) The Big Fix is “a mandatory-viewing critique of widespread government corruption” (LA Weekly).

  3. Tom says:

    3/26/2013 — Oklahoma 5.6M earthquake in 2011 — determined to be “man made”

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A team of scientists have determined that a 5.6 magnitude quake in Oklahoma in 2011 was caused when oil drilling waste was injected deep underground.

    That makes it the most powerful quake to be blamed on deep injections of wastewater, although not everyone agrees. Oklahoma’s state seismologists say the quake was natural.
    [How much do you want to bet that the state seismologists are on the payroll of the industry?]

    The Nov. 6 earthquake near Prague, Okla., injured two people, damaged 14 houses and was the strongest Midwestern quake in decades.

    The new report says there was a smaller quake at the site of an old injection well, and that triggered the larger tremor. Records show the well pressure rising dramatically in 2006. The scientists say both combine to make a strong case that waste injections caused the quake.

    The report was released Tuesday by the journal Geology.

    Fracking induced earthquakes / injection well earthquakes — are becoming a menace as of late…

    Here is my video from 2011 the same day of the actual earthquake….. ironic indeed it took the professionals 2 years to figure this out… they must not have google earth access !

    here is my post on the day of the earthquake:

    Here are all my past posts on fracking earthquakes in the United States / Europe:

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