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Chosen Cuts to the National Budget have Real Local Effect (Acadia National Park)

Let’s not forget that our politicians made a choice to enter the “sequester,” a word that hardly anybody knows the definition of but that means that the United States is cutting its budget. Cutting the budget, in turn, isn’t just about a budget. It’s about America choosing not to engage in as many collective efforts as it used to.

These national choices have real local effects. Have you seen any local effects to this month’s “sequester” retreat from the collective good? Tell me about them in the comments.

Local to me, I see that Acadia National Park will be closing off its best areas for an extra month. When Acadia National Park does open itself up for all the visitor center will be open for fewer hours, rangers will offer fewer educational programs for families, and there will be fewer places to go to the bathroom.

There will be fewer people who visit Acadia National Park this year as a result — and visits to that park generate $186 million a year for the local economy. One choice to retreat from offering an American collective good will lead to a further withdrawal of particular goods for American communities.

Retreats like this are being made across the country. Our new national slogan: “We don’t do that any more.”

One thought on “Chosen Cuts to the National Budget have Real Local Effect (Acadia National Park)”

  1. Dave says:

    I kinda wonder, the budget reduction amounting to something like 2 percent overall, why the National Parks are taking it on the chin. Could it be that the current administration is targeting high profile, highly popular public interests (the cancellation of White House tours comes to mind) in order to make their political opponents a little more odious in the eyes of voters? The Prez could take fewer lavish vacations (whatever happend to a weekend at Camp David?) and save enough to keep Acadia operating at full swing.

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