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Does Jim Carrey Deserve To Burn For Mocking American Gun Owners?

These days, American gun owners are seeking to prove that, despite the fact that they have a particular interest in owning weapons designed to inflict painful death and devastating injuries, they are trustworthy people who should be given the benefit of the doubt. But how can they make their case?

Here’s one argument that’s probably not going to be effective: People who mock gun owners are going to be chased down by a two thousand year-old zombie who will burn them alive for daring to express opposition to gun rights.

That’s the argument made by an angry gun owner going under the code name “Arizona”, who writes, “JIM CARREY,has a short time left in this world ,as does all the other demoncrates in california,so let him have all the fun he wants,HIS TICKET has already been punched by his own hand,LUCIFER will welcome him home again,ALL the hollywood demoncrates are leaving soon and thats the good news,they traded their soul for stardoom,and soon it will be payday for their daddy LUCIFER,cause he will be collecting up their soul for transport to hell,tis,tis,tis,they made their choice,and SO did JIM CARREY.”

What do you think? Would you want to be anywhere close to “Arizona” while he’s got a gun in his hands?

The Jim Carrey comments are referring to the following video:

5 thoughts on “Does Jim Carrey Deserve To Burn For Mocking American Gun Owners?”

  1. Julie Carr says:

    I’m a gun owner, have been for about thirty years, and I find this hilarious!

  2. F.G. Fitzer says:

    Good for you, Julie. Not every gun owner is an unreliable yahoo. However, those who, like “Arizona”, use extremely paranoid language to defend their gun rights, make their cause easy to make fun of.

  3. deborah says:

    It certainly does NOT help our cause to protect the second amendment. Making gun owners look like fools I find offensive in the least. As an intelligent and “safety first” gun owner, I wish that comedians would not use our cause as a way to “make a buck”.

  4. Brian Veit says:

    Who cares hollywood is irrelevant. Jim Carey has always been overpriced and overhyped. Jims a has been while Jason whatever his name is, made fame by parking a pie. Really, they don’t matter and can’t even face real Americans, nope, they hide in the hills.
    Money doesn’t mean happiness and this just goes to demonstrate it.

  5. sister lill says:

    i find it somewhat amusing that anytime an anti gun writer/reporter does a story on guns, it’s almost always a quote from some one who is incoherantly ranting & raving. i say this as an independent voter, a ffl holder (federal firearms license), hunter saftey instructor, a range officer, a firearms instructor, 4h instructor, a shooter, a hunter, a wife, a mother.
    it’s like when a story about arkansas is written/reported on, it seems the writer/reporter finds some toothless guy with marlboro muscles standing by a broken down car/house to give a statement of the events. it’s just type casting. to use hollywood lingo.

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