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When "Many in Poll Expected Jesus' Return" Means Most Actually Didn't

Many in Poll Expected Jesus’ Return by 2050

That’s the headline offered today by the Christian Broadcasting Network. You’ll have to look at the little words below the headline to notice that the poll was actually carried out three years ago. And despite the CBN’s declaration that “future hope remains strong,” a quick look at the actual poll of 1,547 Americans inspiring the Christian Broadcasting Network’s news story reveals a few facts that the CBN didn’t bother to reveal:

  • Only 41% of respondents indicated that they “probably” or “definitely” believe that Jesus Christ will return to Earth by 2050.
  • Only 20% of respondents not affiliated with a Protestant Christian or Catholic Christian Church said they “probably” or “definitely” thought Jesus Christ would return to Earth by 2050.
  • Even among Christians, a 57% majority of Catholics said they didn’t really think Jesus Christ would stage a return by 2050.
  • 13% of surveyed Americans said they did not know whether that was true, and 46% of Americans said they believed that Jesus Christ “probably” or “definitely” would not return to Earth by 2050. This puts religious skeptics in a 59% majority, even back in 2010.
  • Among people who completed a college education, the percentage of skeptics rises to 81%.

That sort of information about American disbelief doesn’t attract eyeballs on the Good Friday before Easter Sunday; it’s the truth nonetheless.

9 thoughts on “When "Many in Poll Expected Jesus' Return" Means Most Actually Didn't”

  1. Bill says:

    I’m kinda surprised that the evangelicals didn’t point out that, according to his own words, Jesus never ‘left’, and therefore cannot ‘return.’ Matthew 28:20 — “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

    1. Dave says:

      Bill, it’s probably because of John 16:16 – “A little while and you will no longer behold Me, and again a little while, and you will see me.”

  2. Tom says:

    So what is this, Dave, Peek-a-Boo?

    i can’t wait til he comes back so i can tell him the fuck off. God, shmod – he caused more wars than any other reason, lead people down a primrose path so that his church could get wealthy beyond belief (and of course the poor are still poor), didn’t change a fucking thing about greedy, self-centered, patriarchal humanity (especially in his church leaders who lead the Inquisition and many other military campaigns, while keeping women “in their place” for centuries, allowed slavery, and put up with the repressive Roman government), who is the basis for one of the most misread pieces of fiction ever (the Bible), and on and on. Truth? Bullshit is more like it. Just like all the others – keeping the masses from anarchy and compliant to the hegemonic state. Take your heaven and shove it, pal. Fuckin’ wishy-washy, pansy – ass muthafucka.

    Now we’re on the road to extinction by our own hand and there is no “fixing it” before the consequences of climate change make it impossible for not only us, but thanks to all our nuclear power plants, spent fuel pools and all other forms of radiation that are still with us (and will be for thousands of years) ALL LIFE on the planet is about to be wiped out before 2050. Hell, i’ll be surprised if anyone makes it past the 2020’s, the way things are going. So when HE gets here it’ll be a smelly, charred, radiated, dead cinder he’s visiting.

    Hey, we could leave a sign – You were a little late Mr God – spelled out in 7 billion human bodies that you could see from space. Maybe next time.

    1. Dave says:

      Tom. Hey tough guy, Bill commented on a belief that evangelicals have, as did I, when pointing out what may cause them to look for Jesus’ return. I think Jim’s post was about American belief and disbelief as manifested in recent polls.

      Your presumptuousness is precisely the kind of thing that keeps one failing at life. You believe you are on the road to extinction, but you seem so bitter about life and so negative about your future you may as well be extinct already. Perhaps Toastmasters or a Dale Carnegie course would help. You’ll feel better.

  3. Tom says:

    Here’s some truth (see if you can handle it):

  4. Tom says:

    Dave: you’ll wake up to reality on of these days.

    All these stories (religion, wealth, government for example), the whole grandeur of humanity is complete nonsense – it’s an illusion. We’re no better than cancer cells. Look around. Soon you’ll be able to see that all the trees are dying and most vegetation will not grow due to all the pollution we’ve packed into the air. Hopefully not this year, but it’s surely going to happen in your lifetime, pal. You can keep your head in the sand or stay distracted your whole life, but what’s happening is irreversible and unstoppable. It’s going to get worse every year until it will be impossible to ignore, then impossible to live on this planet. Enjoy your days.

  5. Tom says:

    uh, that was “one” of these days in the first sentence Dave.

    Here, watch this:–Facing-the-Mass-Extinction

    1. Dave says:

      Watched the video. Been watching this kind of thing since Rachel Carson and Silent Spring, as well as plenty of promotion of the “coming ice age” that we needed to be worried about in the seventies.

      Tom, you seem greatly distressed about the decline of the planet which, as you say, is irreversible and unstoppable. Maybe you would find some peace by being a bit more philosphical about it. There may be some really big rock out there in space and headed our way and you can’t keep it from coming. A speeding truck may take you out tomorow and these things won’t matter to you any more. Not ever again. Your oxygen and hydrogen, calcium and potassium will go right back to the earth. It will be over for you and none of this will matter at all. Learn to enjoy the ride if it’s the only one you’ve got, dude.

      By the way, the video is rife with people talking about our responsibility for the planet and it’s eco-systems. Who made US responsible? That stuff comes right out of Genesis, so in a way you are giving me a lot more Bible than than I have given you. Pal.

      1. Bill says:

        Dave, Tom and I have tangled (respectfully) in the past regarding the (to me) disturbing implications of his passionate embrace of defeatism. I can certainly understand his feelings…it sure looks more and more every day like we’re f*cked, and that truly sucks…but then, of course, so were the cnidarians, and the dinosaurs, and Homo neanderthalensis…yeah, so, what else is new? That’s how Life rolls. Plus, of course, by accepting defeat one virtually insures it, which to me is unacceptable. Where there’s life there’s hope…and I’m still alive.

        Tom, I thought of you the other day when I ran across a wonderful line from the writings of Wendell Berry (whom, if you haven’t read, you really really should). To wit: “What’s the use of saying ‘what’s the use?'” I find this to be one of the most profound thoughts ever framed in the English (or any other) language, and a philosophy I can strongly recommend you consider.

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