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Why Would I Let Facebook Hijack My Smart Phone?

The quality of the Facebook experience has significantly degraded in recent years. Friends’ updates often don’t show up on the feeds, while the Facebook screen becomes increasingly crowded with advertisements that are completely unrelated to anything I have ever liked or will ever like. Facebook tracks user activities, even when users aren’t on Facebook, and sells the information. This year, the Facebook site will suffer another blow when it allows advertisers to place loud video advertisements on top of the content that Facebook users are trying to get to.

wtf facebookOn top of all this, Facebook announced today that it’s created a new system of software for Android smart phones, called Facebook Home. What’s the big deal about Facebook Home?

– Facebook Home gives its users a suite of apps… that merely replicate the functions that are already available on other apps.

– Facebook Home allows its users to chat with friends… which they can already do without Facebook Home.

– Facebook Home enables users to check their Facebook streams… which they already can do with a normal Facebook app.

– Facebook Home apps can be moved around with a movement of a finger… just like other Android apps already can.

– Facebook Home puts a barrier in front of other, non-Facebook apps, making them more difficult to use.

– Facebook Home will bring more advertisements onto users’ smart phone screens.

– Facebook Home will send even more of users’ personal information to Facebook HQ, where the information will be sold to support all manner of marketers seeking to inundate Facebook users with off-target, tacky promotions.

I understand why Facebook executives are excited about Facebook Home. It gives them tighter control of more screens, creating more income streams for their corporation.

What I don’t understand is what the benefit is for Facebook users. Why would anyone allow Facebook to hijack their smart phones with Facebook Home?

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