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Obamacare Microchip Conspiracy Deepens with New Howard Dean Time-Travel Revelations

Over the past year, right-wing conspiracy theorists have insisted that under provisions of the “Obamacare” law, all Americans would be forcibly injected with trackable RFID microchips by March 23, 2013. The fact that it is now April 6, 2013 and this hasn’t come to pass is a minor speed bump for the conspiracy theorists — never mind the old date; they now insist that the new irrefutably true deadline for forced RFID microchip implantation is December 31, 2017.

If you’re going continue to make a old claim about a deadline for the apocalypse that has passed, you need new evidence. The website “You Have a Right to Know” trots out a new convenient claim — that Howard Dean confirmed it all just last year:

You Have a Right to Know Website claims that Howard Dean confirmed an obama microcrip rfid implantation mandate.  Problem is, he didn't.

The video that “You Have a Right to Know” (along with other websites like “Before It’s News” and “Christian Video”) refers to is a audio commentary made by self-professed Christian prophet Paul Begley while he watches a video featuring Rep. Jim Moran and ex-Governor Howard Dean.

“This video is from January 2012!,” declares Paul Begley as he insists that it shows proof of a RFID forcible microchipping scheme by the government under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”). That date is important, because if the town hall meeting occurred then, it would have been after the passage of the Obamacare act into law, lending some minimal credence to Begley’s conspiratorial microchip theory.

Why watch Paul Begley’s second-hand version of this video when you can watch original video of the event for yourself thanks to C-Span? Here’s the clip, featuring a question by one Peggy Connor.

If you head to the dedicated C-Span web page for the complete video, you’ll see that the town hall meeting in the video occurred in August of 2009, not January of 2012. This town hall occurred well before the March 2010 passage of the final version of the act. Problem #1.

If you watch the video clip, you’ll notice that Howard Dean doesn’t confirm any kind of enforced RFID microchip implantation scheme. Problem #2.

Read the text of that final version of “Obamacare” as passed into law and you’ll find no reference to any kind of enforced RFID microchip implantation scheme. Problem #3.

There is only one logical conclusion to draw from these observable facts:

Howard Dean has traveled back in time from January 2012 to August 2009 to plant false evidence of a town hall at the earlier date, while simultaneously using a quantum device to erase all evidence of the true provisions of the bill from government records.

Will the evil never cease?

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