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Protests Against Drones Explode Across The United States

attack droneToday at 10:00 AM, and then again tomorrow at 6:30 PM, students at Florida International University are holding protests against drones. Last Wednesday in Minneapolis, Veterans For Peace organized a public forum about drones, featuring a presentation by U.S. Representative Keith Ellison. In San Diego, protesters gathered outside drone manufacturer General Atomics on Friday. Yesterday, Quakers organized an anti-drone protest outside of Fort Bragg. On Saturday, a demonstration was held outside of the Chicago headquarters of Boeing, a drone manufacturer.

It’s not random chance that these anti-drone protests are taking place so close together in time. This last weekend was the first full weekend in April, a month that’s been dedicated among anti-drone activists across the United States to what they’re calling Days Of Action – days of protest against the use of unmanned aircraft in bombings and in widespread surveillance.

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