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You Can't Know Who Acted How to Hide What You Can't Know. Is That Clear?

Nope, the headline of this article isn’t clear to me either, and that’s the problem.

On Thursday of this week, the Senate quietly rolled back a new law that would have required senior government officials’ financial ties to industry to be posted to the Internet, where anyone could review them. There was no public debate. On Friday, the House took just 30 seconds to roll back the provision. There was no public debate.

Worse, you can’t find out how your member of Congress acted on the measure, because both the House and Senate acted via unrecorded “voice vote.” All it would have taken to push this change to a recorded roll-call vote would have been a single member’s insistence in the House or Senate. Not a single member stood up to request that the vote be placed on the record.

Thanks go to Eyder Peralta of National Public Radio for bringing at least these barest, meager details to light.

2 thoughts on “You Can't Know Who Acted How to Hide What You Can't Know. Is That Clear?”

  1. manning120 says:

    Thanks for the report, which is more than I saw on ABC or PBS. I was astonished that this was simply reported in the media without comment. It was big news.

  2. Dave says:

    It is interesting that NPR said so much. One would not expect that dog to bite the hand that feeds.

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