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Mitch McConnell: Communist Sympathizer by Association?

Yesterday’s mail brought Irregular Times quite a claim: Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is apparently a communist sympathizer! Jack Blackburn writes:

Senator Mitch McConnell is supposed to represent KY. USA in Congress for American Freedom, Idealism, and Capitalism! Does he really do this? He is marrried to the Daughter of a Chinese COMMUNIST Billionaire who does not practice Capitalism! Who does he really represent?

Blackburn’s not alone. In a similar vein of outrage, “Mountain Man” writes in the Hillbilly Report:

Mitch why don’t we talk about your in-laws when we talk about foreigners…. I can’t see why Elaine Chao does not leave if she feels about the United States and Communism the way that she says that she does. What is the difference between Fidel Castro and Mitch McConnell? Not much that I can see but the ignorant hicks in Kentucky will keep sending this communist sympathizer back to the Senate.

“Communist sympathizer?” I thought that phrase died with the Berlin Wall, but apparently not. Senator Mitch McConnell is indeed married to Elaine Chao. That much is true. And Elaine Chao was indeed born in China — not the People’s Republic of China but rather the smaller Republic of China, or as you know it, the capitalist island of Taiwan. Chao moved to the United States when she was 8 and has lived here ever since. Elaine Chao has a MBA from the Harvard Business School and has held the position of Vice President at Bank of America and CitiCorp. How communist.

Elaine Chao’s father, the supposed “Chinese COMMUNIST Billionaire,” fled mainland China for Taiwan during the Communist Revolution. because he was an outspoken anti-communist. Elaine Chao’s father came to the United States to found a commercial shipping business — a capitalist enterprise.

Rather than rest the charge of “communist sympathizer” on a senior Senator because he is married to a woman who was born in a country different than the country where her father was born, which is also where Mao Zedong was born, who was a communist

… you could just look at Mitch McConnell’s record. As Senator, Mitch McConnell has:

If Mitch McConnell is a “communist sympathizer,” I’m Margaret Thatcher.

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