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No Terror Here

Here’s what the newspaper left outside my hotel door says today: Terror Returns. The newspaper says that Americans are “rattled”.

americans rattled

Is it true? Are we rattled? Are we living in terror?

Let me go check. Here’s what the lobby of my hotel looks like. No one is in terror here. They’re too busy checking their cell phones on comfy couches to be rattled.


What about outside? Here’s the scene on the street: Perfectly normal. No one in terror or rattled.


Yes, there was real terror in one part of one community in the USA. Everywhere else, terror is not to be found. Americans aren’t living in fear, really. The only people who I’ve noticed acting rattled are the corporate journalists in the newspapers and on TV. They’re rattling their cages far out of proportion to events. Why are corporate journalists working so hard to create such exaggerations of Americans’ reactions to the bombing in Boston?

4 thoughts on “No Terror Here”

  1. manning120 says:

    By turning a minor incident — almost insignificant compared to what’s been happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (among others) for years — into a major attack on U.S. security, the media are justifying increased defense expenditures. Maybe even invasion of another country, if the bombing can be traced to, say, Iran or North Korea.

    By the way, I’ll bet the severity of the Boston bombing was less than the average drone attack. But the media don’t tell us about the panic and misery caused by drone attacks.

  2. Peregin Wood says:

    I don’t want to diminish the suffering of the people who were actually injured or terrorized in the Boston bombing. That’s real pain.

    My point is that this real suffering doesn’t extend very far at all outside the very small group of people who were directly involved, and that our nation is not under any kind of prolonged, ongoing terror.

  3. Tom says:

    The “journalist” could have used “concerned” or some other word a little closer to the truth, but that wouldn’t have the “punch” that causes someone to grab that paper and read that story. There are a lot of sick people here in the U.S. (in fact most of them are gainfully employed by our government) and all over the world. There’s wanton violence, revenge attacks, police abuse, military actions, muggings, mob hits, rape, etc every day somewhere. One could come away with the view that maybe civilization isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      One COULD come away with that view, if one was motivated to find it. In fact, all the nasty violence that you talk about is an extremely tiny minority experience within the entire experience of civilization. Most suffering people endure is much more banal.

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