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What Counts As Protest?

In Togo, 12 year-old boy was killed by a “warning shot” by police who were trying to disperse a protest new “bedroom tax” provisions that could result in huge numbers of people being evicted from their apartments.

protest swimsuitIn Cherbourg, France, people gathered to protest shipments of radioactive nuclear fuel to Japan that will be used to restart a failed nuclear reactor there.

In New Zealand, anti-drilling protesters are preparing to confront a new law that limits the kinds of protest activities they may engage in against ships attempting to establish new crude oil drilling sites.

In Wales, hundreds of people are preparing to meet outside the Senedd to protest plans to frack for natural gas.

In Venezuela, people claiming that Henrique Cabriles won the recent presidential election through fraud are taking to the streets in protest.

Tomorrow in Manoa, Hawaii, students are gathering to protest against military drones used to conduct bombings and engage in surveillance against Americans without search warrants.

Next week, Code Pink is planning three days of protest outside the George W. Bush Library in Dallas to demand that the former president be held accountable for war crimes.

Greenpeace is organizing the preparation of banners by people all over the world in protest of plans by the Obama Administration to continue oil drilling in the Arctic.

In Canada, protesters are demanding the creation of warning labels for gasoline pumps to remind people that when they burn gasoline in their cars, they are contributing to the acceleration of climate change.

In the Netherlands, a company with the name Protest is making swimsuits and clothing for snowboarders, because going surfing and snowboarding is fun. The company explains, “We remind riders of the reason they set foot on a board in the first place – to have fun! And we inspire non-boarders with our belief that everyone can have a great time on the slopes or on the waves. Our clothes are built to support core riders. But they are also aimed at people who simply want to have fun on a board and look good doing it. Our goal is to make our clothes accessible to as many boarders as possible. “

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