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Are Those Leaves On Your Skin, Or Is It a Crust?

I see two visions of human skin on the back label of a jar of St. Ives apricot “scrub” this morning.

In the English vision, the product is a “scrub”, suggesting the action that the cosmetic product is intended for: People seeking to scour their skin free of… free of what?

cosmetique desincrustantI turn around the jar, and see that the the “scrub” “gently exfoliates” the skin. Exfoliates? That means that we have leaves on our skin. The leaves grow out of us, as if we are trees, and we merely need help shedding those leaves every now and then.

In the French vision, however, the product is a “desincrustant” – a dis-encruster. For the French, our skin develops a crust on it, not necessarily an outgrowth of our own biology, but a stiff and filthy coating on us that must be scoured away.

Which vision seems more accurate to you? Which vision is a better motivator for you to want to use a scrubbing goop in a jar?

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