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Dozen Arrested In Protest Against Indefinite Detention

Yesterday, 12 Americans were put into jail cells as punishment for their role in a protest against Barack Obama’s continued operation of the unconstitutional prisons at Guantanamo Bay. The prisons were the site of torture conducted under the orders President George W. Bush – torture that continues to go unpunished under Barack Obama.

orange jumpsuitsThe protest, organized by Witness Against Torture, wasn’t in favor of the Guantanamo prisoners in particular. Rather, it was in favor of the legal principle that, in every place under the jurisdiction of the United States government, people charged with crimes must be given due process, including a fair and speedy trial. The people held prisoner at Guantanamo are being kept behind bars without any reasonable opportunity to defend themselves. Some of them haven’t even been formally accused of any crime.

In the United States of America, no one – not even people accused of terrible crimes – is supposed to be held prisoner on the mere presumption of guilt. When our government continues to engage in such indefinite, unconstitutional imprisonment, it becomes an honorable thing for protesters to be placed behind bars themselves in protest against the corrosion of our nation’s constitution.

One thought on “Dozen Arrested In Protest Against Indefinite Detention”

  1. Frank E. Lane, M.D.& Associates says:

    Martin Luther King: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere” A bipartisan committee of experts in Law, the US Constitution, Ethics, History and Social Policy recently completed a two-year study of the Bush – Cheney Administration’s utilization of secret prisons and tortures, such as waterboarding, and found them unequivocally in violation of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights (the Constitution Project). Barack Obama has thus far refused a formal investigation of the previous administration’s misdeeds. Clearly, George W. Bush and Richard Cheney took the oath of office, swearing to uphold and defend the Constitution- instead, they shopped for a lawyer, John Yoo, who would find a way to argue that it was “legal” to ignore our Constitution and Bill of Rights. They then continued what they had started with the Supreme Court’s overturn of Gore’s election in 2000, the planning and execution of “9/11” and the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their acts constitute treason at the highest levels of our government. Not to say that this is the only time… since serious problems with the Kennedy assasination(s) remain… but, perhaps the most brazen. The use of terror tactics on 9/11/01 along with the massive propaganda campaign utilizing the television and print media to convince the public that this was the result of radical Muslim extremists from the oil-rich Middle East, was unprecedented. The problem is with physics. The physical laws of our Universe don’t bend on just any given day in September when a corrupt administration wants to insist on it. Steel skyscrapers like those at the World Trade Center were blown into dust by massive demolition charges that took months to prepare…and about ten seconds to observe. You have to deny the law of Gravity and the ubiquitous presence of super-thermite in the dust all over New York City to believe the laughable report put out by the government orchestrated “9/11 Commission”. Kind of like the miraculous bullet of JFK’s assasination, the “official” explanation doesn’t match the scientific facts. Meanwhile, there’s this ludicrous ceremony scheduled to take place in my lovely City of Assasination, the glorification of an illiterate inarticulate puppet of Cheney & Rumsfeld with a LIBRARY… of all things! MLK & JFK… RIP!

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