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The Dead Will March Outside Of George W. Bush’s Presidential Library

Tomorrow, the corporate-funded George W. Bush presidential library will be officially opened in Dallas, Texas. However, those who seek to enter, to celebrate the presidency of Dubya, will be forced to confront to confront the dead.

dead march against bushThe March Of The Dead will be in remembrance of those who were tortured and killed as a result of George W. Bush’s inept and criminal leadership. It’s a part of The People’s Response, a week-long series of protests to provide a grassroots counterbalance to the pro-Bush attempt to reconstruct the sad history of Bush’s terms in office.

Southern Methodist University has forbidden any anti-Bush protesters to even walk onto the school’s campus. The value of dissent isn’t on the curriculum at SMU, it seems. That citation is not stopping the anti-Bush protests from marching on – they’ll continue through Friday morning.

3 comments to The Dead Will March Outside Of George W. Bush’s Presidential Library

  • manning120

    Why do I think I won’t read about the protests in newspapers, or see stories about them on the major network news?

    • Hannah Johns

      searching for current stories about our march and protest and this comes up AFTER stories about the kauffman county killings….we were there and there were quite a few of us. lots of photos taken, where are they?

  • It’s because instead, we need more.follow up.stories on the drunk driving arrest of Reese Witherspoon’s husband.

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