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Peter Ackerman Makes April 2013 Public Appearance as Chairman of Americans Elect

Is the Americans Elect corporate brand of privatized elections dead? Is it sold off to bidders?

Not if you go by its April 2 corporate filing with Rhode Island, which as we mentioned yesterday shows that Joshua Levine and Kahlil Byrd are still involved in the organization.

Not if you go by Minnesota Public Radio’s April 1 half-hour segment featuring Peter Ackerman. In that segment he is billed explicitly as the current Chairman of the Americans Elect corporation and spends some time discussing the changes he desires in the future of American politics.

Despite earlier claims to the contrary, the political corporation has not been dissolved and sold off. According to its January report to the Federal Election Commission, Americans Elect retains at least $400,000 in assets contributed by Ackerman himself, the hedge fund Passport Capital and billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Keep your eyes on Peter Ackerman, Kahlil Byrd, Joshua Levine, the private capital community and Americans Elect. Their plans are entirely private, but they don’t appear to be finished yet.

3 thoughts on “Peter Ackerman Makes April 2013 Public Appearance as Chairman of Americans Elect”

  1. AE Transparency says:

    So Jim, care to hazard a guess regarding the shape and form of AECorp’s reincarnation (no doubt in time for the 2014 mid-terms)?

    Our guess: emboldened by the ‘success’ of its test-flight late last year supporting Angus King’s congressional campaign (air-quotes in light of the fact that King was already leading by a wide margin when it started throwing money at him), AECorp will re-invent itself for 2014 as just another shadowy SuperPAC, with a few of Pete Ackerman’s clubhouse chums bankrolling his lifelong obsession with unseating politicians he considers unreasonable (including all Democrats and many Republicans). We would view that as a positive development. SuperPACs are, by now, something of a known quantity in American politics, and haven’t proven particularly effective. Having yet one more conservative SuperPAC hoovering up rich suckers’ money will just leave that much less for all the others out there, and given Pete Ackerman’s unbroken track record of political ineptitude we can’t think of anyone we’d rather see spending dumb rich Republicans’ money.

  2. Jim Cook says:

    I think that’s a pretty good guess, AET.

    My guess would add these friendly amendments:

    A) that Americans Elect will continue to focus on changing the rules of the game somehow, and

    B) that Americans Elect will tilt at the windmills one more time for the presidential season of 2016.

    But that’s just a guess.

  3. Tiradefaction says:

    So, has anyone kept up with that “grassroots” centrist “movement”? (Rise of the center, etc.). I wonder how they’ve reacted to Americans Elect essentially just admitting they’re a right wing business group. Or is that “centrism” now?

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