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Sharing Stuff and Nonsense: MediaBugs and NeighborGoods

Irregular Times writer J. Clifford has expressed bemused disdain at the use of online social media for purposes of product marketing and corporate promotion, and he’s got a point. But there are people out there trying to harness online collaboration to accomplish different aims.

Take MediaBugs, for instance. Sign up for a free account and you’ll be able to report errors you see in news media coverage. Other people will be able to see your report, comment on it and add information. This turns into a collective effort to correct the error. The idea driving MediaBugs is that people working together are more likely to keep the news industry accurate and accountable.

How often have you needed a tool or gadget for the short term, but haven’t been able to justify or afford the expense of buying it outright? The NeighborGoods social network helps you find people in your area who are willing to loan it out to you for a small fee, or for free. One of the goals of NeighborGoods is to lower social costs and waste; another goal is to build trust in local communities as neighbors help neighbors.

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