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The Truth About The Broken Arrow Conspiracy To Detonate Nuclear Bombs In The USA Tomorrow In A Ring Of Fire!

The social networks of America’s citizen Homeland Insecurity activists are abuzz this week with dire warnings that come from Christian prophet Pamela Rae Schuffert. Schuffert, from her new base of operations in Montana, says that Americans need to be on high alert for nuclear weapons attacks that are scheduled to take place just a little bit more than a week from now.

pamela rae schuffert conspiracy theorySchuffert says that she has a source from within the U.S. military, a Navy Seal and decorated sniper, who she has been talking to her for several days now, telling her all about secret plans by the NWO (a shadowy organization that plans to establish a New World Order) to detonate nuclear weapons across the United States of America and then establish martial law over the survivors.

Schuffert’s military contact, whom she says she is not allowed to identify by name, had been warning her of nuclear weapons that had been set to explode in American cities on May 5, a week from tomorrow. Yesterday, however, this mysterious Navy sniper accelerated his warning to Schuffert, telling her that nuclear weapons in California could be detonated tomorrow!

Schuffert wrote yesterday that the nuclear terrorism planned for the next week in the United States is designed to create a critical mass of satanic power. She advised, “Because the NEW WORLD ORDER is indeed an ILLUMINATI satanic agenda for this nation and the world, we must remember that they often perform major operations AFTER high level satanic ritual dates. They often do this to ensure they have ‘gotten power from satan’ through such dark (human sacrifice) rituals, prior to staging major NWO agenda events.

MAY 1st is BELTAINE…a major satanic ritual date for HUMAN SACRIFICE. I was personally informed by former NWO planners, who were also former satanists as well, that every victim that dies in such black ops will count as one more sacrifice to satan, to then obtain more power from him to bring forth his NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.”

So, what should you do about this dark, satanic conspiracy?

Nothing. The truth is that it doesn’t exist anywhere except in Pamela Rae Schuffert’s fevered fundamentalist mind.

There’s no evidence that any satanic human sacrifices have taken place anywhere as a celebration of May Day. There’s no evidence of any New World Order conspiracy to impose martial law over the United States. There’s no evidence that any nuclear bombs have been set to explode anywhere, at any time, in the USA.

Pamela Rae Schuffert has the religious belief that the End Times are coming soon, and she’s so eager for the mythical destruction to become reality that she concocts fake stories about secret contacts from the highest level of the military who tell her that very very soon, the NWO conspiracy will go into action, and satanists will begin their diabolical attacks.

Schuffert’s predictions always turn out to be completely wrong.

Last year, Pamela Rae Schuffert said that her unnamed military sources were warning that a NATO invasion of the United States would begin by July 1, 2012. Those of you who pay close attention to the news will remember that no such thing ever happened.

Schuffert never acknowledged any doubt about the accuracy of her predictions. She only claimed credit for stopping the NATO invasion of the United States. Yes, Schuffert asserted that she had blocked the entire military force of NATO by writing about their plans on her blog, making it impossible for their plans to go forward as scheduled.

Then, almost in the same breath, Schuffert made another warning: She said that her top secret contacts had told her that Barack Obama had arranged through the CIA for Louis Farrakhan to lead a series of riots by African-Americans and Muslims in cities across the USA in the summer of 2012.

Of course, that never happened either.

I don’t know Pamela Rae Schuffert personally, but the more I read what she writes, the more convinced I become that she genuinely believes that there really are shadowy defectors from the U.S. military and the NWO leadership who speak to her, giving her alone the information needed to stop terrible attacks from taking place. Without examining her in person, I can’t make a diagnosis, of course, but it sounds to me as if Schuffert has difficulty distinguishing between her wandering mind’s own dark fears and external warnings spoken to her from real people. This sounds to me like the confusion of someone with schizophrenia.

But then, Schuffert isn’t alone. There are many Americans who listen earnestly to her conspiracy theories of imminent satanic illuminati doom. Schizophrenia can’t account for their efforts to spread her rambling End Times prophecies. There are always deluded people babbling on about the coming end of the world. The fact that many Americans are inclined to actually believe such a person is what concerns me.

7 thoughts on “The Truth About The Broken Arrow Conspiracy To Detonate Nuclear Bombs In The USA Tomorrow In A Ring Of Fire!”

  1. Bill says:

    I’ll admit (with some shame) that I read Schufert’s stuff whenever I’m in the mood for some really industrial-strength crazy. Like you, F.G., I’ve come to suspect that she actually believes this cr*p, based largely on the fact that her efforts to monetize her blog are rather modest (no ads, and just two PayPal “donate” buttons placed not very prominently on her long and rambling home page). I don’t know, maybe she works harder at putting the touch on folks who email her…that could work, I suppose. I think that if she was really intent on making a buck off this by building a cult of followers she’d be smart enough to prophecy dates further in the future, so she wouldn’t be proven wrong so frequently (although, as you point out, she always takes credit for singlehandedly preventing these disasters). Anyway, I applaud her decision to move to Montana. We’d all be so much safer if we just built a wall around that state.

    1. Angel says:

      Hun, Plz go to her facebook page…….there are constant requests for money!

  2. F.G. Fitzer says:

    Here we are, on the day when Pamela Rae Schuffert’s purported secret military sources said that nuclear bombs would go off in California. No nuclear weapons were set off. The closest thing to the Schuffert prediction was a natural gas explosion in Reims, France.

    Did Pamela Rae Schuffert admit that she was wrong?

    No. Instead, she’s come up with a story that a top general in the U.S. military, who was the ultimate source of all the information she received about NWO nuclear terrorism, has been murdered.

    There is, of course, no record of any death of any U.S. general, of any cause.

    We should nonetheless heed a new threat, Schuffert says. The U.S. government has cloned an army of soldiers, and raised them all to adulthood, in secret, while training them to kill American citizens without hesitation. How this operation has been kept going for at least 18 years, when the U.S. government can’t even afford to keep Head Start educational programs openn, Schuffert hasn’t explained.

    Schuffert also says that she has received a new tip, saying that the nuclear terrorism and martial law plan by the New World Order jack booted thugs is going under the code names Project Orion and Thor’s Hammer. The plan includes a mega sonar weapon that can turn the brain to jelly, she says.

    I wonder… could Pamela Rae Schuffert have been a test subject for that weapon?

  3. Dave says:

    Not only are Christians a loathsome menace due to their slavish devotion to Israel, but they engage in stupidity like this in order to spook their superstitious followers.
    I’ll come back ion May 6th to ridicule this idiot some more.

  4. cala says:

    Then, almost in the same breath, Schuffert made another warning: She said that her top secret contacts had told her that Barack Obama had arranged through the CIA for Louis Farrakhan to lead a series of riots by African-Americans and Muslims in cities across the USA in the summer of 2012.

    Boston Bombers come to mind….

  5. T.J. York says:

    Well written. I think today’s challenge is discerning work on the internet as the product of various parties…whether it may be someone with a genuine mental condition, internet water army commentators, spin doctors, etc…I would argue the consistency in this case with this author indicates that they either have a mental condition, or may be purposely writing this stuff up, for whatever reasons…

    One thing I would not dismiss, is the network of interests in the world. Such networks have often been labelled as “the illuminati” and other nefarious organizations…however these are often baseless accusations with sparse and outdated evidence. Despite that, it’s still perfectly reasonable to conclude that a network with interests in altering the laws and governance would likely engage in conspiratorial and criminal activity.

  6. Shrumpie says:

    Networks! Yes! And libraries have also formed networks, where members can, if they have been approved by the elites, gather, and exchange tomes of knowledge. These networks even seek to indoctrinate children in their arcane craft of “literacy”. Nefarious!

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