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Niburu The Giant Planet Of Doom Zips Beneath The Clouds In West Texas

Niburu is the UFO of our times.

A video shot in West Texas on April 17, 2013 is claimed to show the planet Niburu closing in on planet Earth, so near that the light reflecting off its surface can be seen in the sky even by the light of day.

niburu the speck of doomWhat is the planet Niburu?

Back in 1995, Nancy Lieder began to warn that a planet named Niburu was on a near collision course with Earth. The end of the world would come in 2013, when the passage of Niburu would cause the magnetic field of Earth to flip, resulting in the death of nearly all human beings.

How did Lieder know? She had been chosen as emissary to Earth by the inhabitants of the Zeti Reticuli star system. She had been meeting with the Zetans since she was a child, and they began to tell her secret things. They are still telling her secrets to this day, she says.

Those of you who are especially observant will have noted that the Earth’s magnetic field has not flipped. Nonetheless, some people still believe in the imminent arrival of Niburu. How do they explain the lack of any evidence of Niburu’s arrival?

One Niburu fan insists that there’s a huge academic coverup by researchers who are lying, saying that Niburu does not exist “to get their grant money and help their universities get federal funding.” I have to admit that I am not an academic, but my general sense is that one of the best ways to secure funding for my research would be to be the first person to present a peer-reviewed academic paper proving that a large planet will soon come close to smashing into our own planet.

But then, the Niburu believers say that there is evidence of Niburi coming close to Earth. One example this evidence, they say, is the video shot this month in West Texas. If the white circle in the video was in fact a planet in outer space, other than the ones we’re familiar with, it would indeed be worthy of note. The planet, judging by the size of the orb, would either be huge, or be closer to Earth than either Venus or Mars.

One little detail in the video, however, shows that the object shown really isn’t very large, and it’s much, much closer to Earth than Venus or Mars. The object moves in front of a line of clouds shown in the video. The object, when it crosses the line of clouds, isn’t obscured by them. It remains as bright as ever. That means that the object is within the lower earth atmosphere, and not very large at all. If it’s a planet, it’s a tiny, tiny, planet… about the size of a shiny mylar balloon.

3 thoughts on “Niburu The Giant Planet Of Doom Zips Beneath The Clouds In West Texas”

  1. Bill says:

    The comments on the YouTube page are even scarier than the prospect of a giant planet appearing out of nowhere and smacking us upside the head. Good lord there are a lot of drooling idiots around us. Are slack-jawed yokels multiplying like rabbits, or is it just that the intertubes give them a megaphone?

  2. Tom says:

    Well with about 8 billion of us out here, there are an awful lot of us drooling idiots – but the web does give everyone a “voice” to raise their concerns. The comments probably aren’t coming from Greece or Spain (or a lot of other countries in the EU) or the Middle East due to being otherwise distracted. Keep an eye to the sky and enjoy your days.

  3. Joshua Budden says:

    I am intrigued by the video. Not beause of the wacko theory attatched to it, but because I say the the same type of object do the exact same thing over SanAngelo TX in the summer of 1997 and was very curious at the time about what I was looking at.

    Anyway here is an appropriate response to the video.

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