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Even Limping Tea Party Caucus Outshines Congressional Progressives on Drones in the USA

Over a month ago, I noted with eyebrows cocked that only one of the nearly 80 listed members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus had bothered to sign one of four bills dedicated to the task of reigning in surveillance of Americans’ private activities by unmanned flying drones. That congressman, Edward Markey, had to his credit introduced new legislation of his own — H.R. 1262. But none of his fellow Progressive Caucus members had joined him to support the bill, or any of the other three drone-reform bills: H.R. 972, H.R. 1083 and H.R. 1242.

Since then, nothing has changed for the Progressive Caucus. Not one additional Progressive Caucus member (all Democrats) has signed up to support any of these bills limiting drone activity, and nobody’s introduced any new legislation.

In the meantime, the Tea Party Caucus in the House of Representatives is trying to re-institute itself after falling into disrepair. The Tea Party Caucus webpage is still trying to convince members of Congress to join its ranks and so it doesn’t list its full membership yet. Still, Rachel Maddow notes that Representatives Trent Franks and Louie Gohmert were among the attendees of the first Tea Party Caucus meeting. Both Trent Franks and Louie Gohmert have signed up in support of H.R. 1242, which would prohibit the U.S. government from using drones to target and assassinate people on U.S. soil. Both are Republicans

That’s at least two members of the Tea Party Caucus who have signed on to legislation to restrict drones — and there could be more. Only one Progressive Caucus member has bothered to take that step.

The next time the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee calls you up and asks for your money to stop those nefarious Republicans and their Tea Party fellow travelers, ask them why the Tea Party Caucus has a record on drones twice as good as the supposedly “progressive” Democrats.

One thought on “Even Limping Tea Party Caucus Outshines Congressional Progressives on Drones in the USA”

  1. Bill says:

    A nice illustration that there are some things we (the left and the right) can and should agree on, such as the importance of avoiding unwarranted government intrusion into citizens’ private lives, and the importance of the rule of law (particularly when it comes to government taking people’s lives!). Why the progressive caucus isn’t all over this like white on rice is utterly bewildering to me. Thanks for calling this out.

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