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National Day Of Prayer Becomes National Day Of Kooky Conspiracy Theories About Satan

The National Day of Prayer is not a national holiday. Yet, the right wing organization that has created the National Day of Prayer has used its contacts with military and congressional leaders to create the appearance of a federal government endorsement of the event, held yesterday at the Pentagon and in Congress (though Congress was out of session).

This year, the National Day of Prayer was transformed into an especially outlandish affair, as religious preacher Greg Laurie was given leadership of the events. Laurie has become well known for his wild conspiracy theories about same-sex marriage. He claims that the popular movement to recognize the equal legal right of gays and lesbians to get married, now supported by the majority of Americans, is an evil plot with the purposeful intention of destroying the United States from within. Laurie warns that Satan himself is the leader of the marriage equality movement, using little demons, devils and other evil spirits to communicate with lesbian and gay activists, and give them their satanic marching orders.

greg laurie imageAccording to the bizarre beliefs of Greg Laurie, Rhode Island, along with the rest of New England is now directly controlled by Satan himself. Yesterday, Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee signed legislation recognizing the legality of marriage between same-sex partners. Same-sex marriage is now equal in one out of every five states. The state of Delaware is now organizing to expand this group.

For those of us who don’t believe that red-skinned, horned, bat-winged supernatural creatures carrying pitchforks and bullwhips are secretly in control of state governments, this is good news. We don’t perceive wicked djinnis behind every piece of legislation. We simply see that Americans are finally moving toward the position where we can be nice to other people, even if they don’t do things in quite the same way that we do.

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