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Doomsday Ring Of Fire Is Here! Have You Noticed?

For a few weeks now, Irregular Times has been following the story of the latest doomsday prophecy by Pamela Rae Schuffert. She has warned that secret sources have informed her of a Communist Satanic conspiracy by the New World Order to impose martial law on the United States after detonating nuclear weapons that will destroy most American cities today, May 5, 2013. Schuffert has made many similar predictions in the past, and they’ve all turned out to be completely wrong, but as they say on Wall Street, past performance is not a perfect indicator of future success. Maybe Schuffert has it right this time.

If the Ring of Fire nuclear apocalypse prophecy of Pamela Rae Schuffert is fact, and not mere fantasy, it will be one of the biggest stories in all of human history. So, today, let’s not engage in theoretical debates about whether there is any such creature as the Christian God, or whether the old Christian Bible contains accurate predictions of future events. Let’s look at what’s actually happening today, the day that Pamela Rae Schuffert said ther would be nuclear explosions across the USA.

I’ll start. This morning, I woke up and had a coffee and scone for breakfast. I went outside. The sky was blue. The wind was mild. The birds were singing. There’s no sign of any nuclear explosion where I live.

What about where you live? Have you seen any evidence of an exploding nuclear weapon?


So far, there is no sign of any nuclear attack, but that’s not stopping Schuffert’s allies along the right wing fringe from hopping on board to sell her prediction (along with a $20 DVD of a “riveting” 90-minute interview in which Schuffert details her prophecies of nuclear annihilation). For instance, self-described “freelance journalist” Jim Stone is repeating Schuffert’s prophecies, while adding his own anti-semitic twist. Stone writes that it’s Israel, not just some amorphous New World Order conspiracy, that has planted nuclear weapons across America. Furthermore, he says that Israel’s bombing of Syria this week was actually a nuclear weapon attack. “Israel is sucking the tit of terror by milking sympathies from the Boston bombing and sprinkling a little bit of that terror milk on Damascus,” he tells his readers, and warns that the hostilities between Israel and Syria “may be used to provide plausibility for an ‘islamic’ nuking of America by Israel TOMORROW OR MONDAY, As stated by Pamela Rae Schuffert, KEEP AN EYE ON THOSE JEWISH COMMUNITIES IN AMERICA!”

Jim Stone wants Americans to start spying on Jews in their neighborhoods, just in case they’re about to launch a nuclear attack. He advises, “just check your local synagogue on Friday night and Saturday day. If no one is there, the place has been evacuated and your city could be targeted by one of these nukes. They are not going to stay around for the fun. So if you observe vacant synagogues in a particular city, SOUND THE ALARM AND GET OUT.”

Mr. Stone also suggests that our critical examination of Pamela Rae Schuffert’s prophecies here at Irregular Times is, in itself, additional proof that her prophecies are true. He writes, “she is even more shilled than I am. That means she has a message the elite do not want getting out.”

Am I a shill for the NWO one-world government Satanic Communists? I wish. Can you imagine the health care package that would come with that position? Note to any Illuminati conspirators out there: Call me! I’m available!

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