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We Confront the Chemtrails Conspiracy Right Here, With Facts

Last night, J. Clifford wrote about the growing confusion about just who is behind the small-scale chemical weapons attacks in Syria. In examining the aftermath of Pamela Rae Schuffert’s failed prophecies of nuclear bomb attacks, I’ve happened upon another confused accusation of chemical weapons attacks – and these chemical weapons attacks are supposed to have happened right here in the USA.

In an article written after her Ring Of Fire predictions failed to come true, Schuffert warned of “deadly Pentagon-authorized chemtrail spraying already making millions of Americans sick”. Chemtrails? What are these chemtrails, and how could I have missed out on the story that they are making millions of Americans sick?

chemtrailsChemtrails, it is said, are long clouds of toxic materials spewed out by government airplanes at high altitudes above American communities. The Chemtrail Action Network claims that “aerial spraying has been observed occurring over Santa Cruz and also from California to Maine for at least the last two years,” and that “aerial spraying has been carried out by large military type jet aircraft that create white plumes, which evidence suggests are chemical-laden (hereinafter “chemtrails”) and often seen in the form of large “X’s”, “O’s” and checkerboard patterns.” Stop Aerial Spraying alleges “aerial crimes and atmospheric alterations” related to cloud seeding programs and programs to exterminate invasive moth species.

Anomalies Unlimited advises its readers on how to distinguish chemtrails from contrails (clouds of harmless water that sometimes form behind airplanes traveling at high altitudes), writing that chemtrails, “are sometimes tinged with oranges, yellows or purples or even reflect oily rainbows in them.. Instead of being that crisp “sky scraper” line, they are thick and clumpy and often appear to ‘drip’.” The site also claims that “Analysis of chemtrail spray have turned up powdered aluminum, barium, pathogens and even dried human blood cells.” Stop Spraying California describes a “planetary operation that is spraying innocent citizens with toxic chemicals containing among other things calcium, magnesium, barium and aluminum oxide and other sub-micron particulates containing live biological matter.”

The allegations of chemtrail conspiracies are widespread and often very specific. For people who predisposed to believe that the government is doing all manner of nasty things to the American people, the allegations in themselves will be enough. Others will ask for actual evidence before they’re willing to accept the reality of outrageous conspiracies of mass poisoning.

So, where’s the evidence?

I’m issuing this challenge to people who make claims about chemtrails: Show us all the proof. Give us the data, and give us the documentation we need to be assured that your data is genuine. Give us the evidence that airplanes are purposefully being used to spray poisons in chemtrails across the United States. Give us the data that shows dried human blood cells, pathogens, aluminum oxide, magnesium, barium, calcium. You’ve made the claims – now where are the documents?

Don’t bother to just post links to conspiracy theory sites, please. To back up these extraordinary claims, we need the data itself.

Can anyone out there meet this challenge?

43 thoughts on “We Confront the Chemtrails Conspiracy Right Here, With Facts”

  1. Dale Brent Adams says:

    Mr. Fitzer,

    When you want to research a subject simply set up a Google Alert for the term such as “chemtrails,” and allow Google to do the research for you and even deliver it. I did and I have been getting daily google alerts about chemtrails for months. The facts are alarming.

    Be ready to be a believer in chemtrails because some people do have the facts and evidence, some of which are media reports from a television station in Arkansas of rain water samples with barium, which is known to advesely affect our immune system which is alarming enough. Additionally, two Bills were passed by Congressman Dennis Kucinich that mention banning chemtrails and the National Defense Authorization Act of (2008 I think), where the section on Space activities and chemicals is a law granting our government the right to transfer chemicals to corporations, such as major food corporations. I just read today that the Monsanto food corporation bought the Blackwater Security company and I wonder why a food company has an interest in black ops security forces.

    That was admirable of you to give these people a chance to offer the facts, but you should really think twice about trying to discredit these concerned Americans expressing First Amendment rights. How would you like it if you or a family member had the terrible malady of Parkinson’s disease where you can’t control your own body movements? Visit the deeply concerning website below.

    Blaylock, Russell, L., M.D., (2013), “Neurologist Warns Aluminum in Chemtrails Could Cause Explosive Increase in Neurodegenrative Diseases” Retrieved from

    1. Jim Cook says:

      If Majestic Publishers holds your standard of fact-checking, woe betide the books you publish.

      You may have “just read today that the Monsanto food corporation bought the Blackwater Security company,” but if you did so it was through poorly-sourced blog posts like this one:

      That misquote a 2010 article in The Nation which declares no such thing:

      There is no Blackwater corporation any more. It sold off assets and became Xe Services, and then sold off more assets and became Academi, and is not owned by Monsanto at all. For information on ownership, see here:

    2. Bill says:

      Hey, you learn something new every day, and in that vein I am grateful to Dale Brent Adams for sending me off on a fascinating (if depressing) trail of discovery.

      I was curious regarding the apparently scientific-sounding article he cites at the end of his comment, by Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. So, after first checking out the link Adams provided, I next wondered “who is this Russell Blaylock M.D.? Being a scientist myself, the first thing I wanted to know is what kind of publication record Blaylock has, so I hopped over to PubMed, the definitive online index of biomedical literature by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. And sure enough, Blaylock has a publication record dating back to 1974 (i.e., he’s even older than me, heaven forfend!) Cranky old man alert!

      It’s not a particularly distinguished trail, just 9 articles published between 1974 and 1991, mostly the kind of case reports published in third-tier medical journals no one actually reads that are so beloved by a certain class of physicians who really really wish they had become scientists, but didn’t. Then his publication record is silent until 2008, when he started publishing again in earnest (again in dusty third-tier journals).

      One of his PubMed-listed publications particularly caught my eye: “Managed Truth: The Great Danger To Our Republic,” published in a journal I’d never heard of, Surgical Neurology International. Free online access is available, so I read the article, and my jaw dropped. In it, Blaylock rants seemingly endlessly on libertarian/ultraconservative themes. Just a few golden nuggets: “Until the 60s, it was taken for granted that private property, absolute moral principles, and free enterprise were desirable. But while these things were based on a foregone conclusion, few were adequately prepared to defend these ideas….The left saw this as a great weakness to be exploited primarily by attacking these institutions in the universities and colleges….” And then there’s: “Two events allowed the left to instill serious questions in our youth’s minds concerning these foundations: the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. Both of these events were couched in terms not to correct social evils or perceived errors in our leaders’ judgment, but rather they were designed to attack the whole fabric of our social organization, especially our moral foundations.” It goes on from there; read at your own risk.

      WTF??? How does a screed like this get into the scientific literature??? So then I researched the journal in question, Surgical Neurology International. Turns out its a new breed of cat (to me at least): an online vanity scientific journal; you can publish pretty much anything you want there if you pay them $400. The surprising thing, to me, is that it is published by a division of Wolters Kluwer, a third-tier scientific publisher I almost (not quite) once kind-of respected. And guess who’s on the journal’s editorial board? That’s right, none other than our fearless octogenarian libertarian doc, R.L. Blaylock, of the world-renowned “Advanced Nutritional Concepts and Theoretical Neurosciences; Flowood, MS, USA.”

      The still stunning thing to me is that this cr*p journal is actually indexed in PubMed. Back in the day when I was somewhat involved in scientific publishing, a new journal had to jump through innumerable hoops to convince the National Library of Medicine it was both legitimate and worthy of being indexed. But now, it seems they’ll happily index the rantings of any miscellaneous collection of fully paid-up crackpots. Un-freaking-credible.

      1. F.G. Fitzer says:

        Hilarious! Thanks for this extra background, Bill.

    3. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Dale, you link to one article that has other links to other research articles that provide no data supporting the hypothesis that chem trails exist.

      Local TV news reports of barium in rainwater do not constitute data proving that chemtrails exist, as there are other, more plausible hypotheses to explain the presence of the chemical.

      You fail the challenge.

      Find some data that proves that chemtrails exist.

        1. F.G. Fitzer says:

          This is slightly more interesting, Dale, but it’s NOT data that proves that chemtrails exist. What it is: A photograph of a cover sheet for a freshman introduction to chemistry course at an Air Force academy. It’s proof that one lecturer at the academy once used the word “chemtrails”.

          I’ll write a separate article about what this document actually is..

    4. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Dale, that Arkansas TV news report was retracted after the reporter realized that the data had been misinterpreted. The amounts of barium found in the sampled water was the same as is found in ordinary drinking water. See here for more information about this:

  2. Bill says:

    Barium in rainwater? Holy cr*p, that dang gummint is giving us stratospheric enemas now!!!!

    Barium, mercury, acid, radioactive isotopes, and a witches brew of chemicals in rainwater…couldn’t possibly have anything to do with those giant smoke plumes rising from coal-burning power plants all over the world, and Fukushima, and globe-straddling Chinese pollution, now could it? Much better to worry about sh*t that doesn’t actually exist.

    I think ‘chemtrails’ are one of the most fascinating of all internet memes. They seem to have so much resonance with a rather large class of paranoids.

  3. Tom says:

    It’s really hard to find data on something that isn’t publicly acknowledged, may only be done by our “transparent” government and or private individuals/corporations who would be only too happy to supply it for you just for asking and as far as the public is concerned doesn’t exist. Geo-engineering? It’s sci-fi folks, nothing to see here, keep moving. Hey, there’s a sale at WalMart!

    Yep, we’re all just kooks out here imagining global warming and all the rest. Yessirree – nothing happening except unicorns and rainbows – don’t worry about a thing. It’s all just made up by non-scientists, who don’t count, so it can’t be real. i mean come on – who would do this sort of stuff anyway? What would the purpose be? Nothing is going on except a bright future for all 7 billion of us. Why worry about this? Just go about your business and enjoy life!

    Here’s one piece of the nonsense i dug up – laugh away at the insanity! Sheesh, who are these people?

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Tom, the chemtrail believers say that there are dozens of flights per day, crisscrossing the United States, spraying such huge amounts of chemicals high in the air that they will, after drifting down upon us, have observable health effects.

      No, data to support that kind of specific hypothesis should NOT be hard to find – if it exists.

      Spinning a yarn about how something could be true doesn’t make it true, Tom.

      1. Happy2inform says:

        You will deny it even if a chem trail smacked you in the face with a brick. That’s because your being paid to discredit the “conspiracy”. It surely can’t be that you’ve discovered a conspiracy so monstrous that you can’t believe it exists , like other people have , including presidents . The evidence is out there, but your job is to anger people into bringing it to you publicly, so you can tell them: ” no way, that wanna be scientist wrote a book and says he supports this, so don’t believe him , he’s an old geezer!” SMH!

        1. Jim Cook says:

          His being paid to discredit the conspiracy… what? Finish this gol-darned sentence and let us in on the secret! What being does F.G. have? Who is paying this being that F.G. has? Did F.G. come into possession of the being before or after that being was paid to discredit the conspiracy? Is this being (alien origin????) a victim of abduction? Or has the being been mindwashed by chemtrails?

          And while you’re at it, why did you write the acronym for Satan’s My Homie? How long have your being paid by Satan to write this?

        2. F.G. Fitzer says:

          I wish, Happy. If you know so much about the chemtrail conspiracy, show me the data… and then tell me where I can sign up to get a job shilling for them, Happy. How does one do that? Do they have a LinkedIn group or something? You seem to know everything about who the chemtrail conspirators hire, so you ought to be able to show me the record of payments, right?

          …Or are you just making it all up?

          Irregular Times shills for no one. We’re independent. We don’t even accept advertisements. We’ve always been that way.

          If there was a brick that smacked me in the face, and it came from a chemtrail made of bricks, well, I would have some evidence. But Happy, there’s no brick.

          You say the evidence is out there. Go find me some. Document it. Bring it to me.

          If it’s so obvious, it shouldn’t be hard. I’ve created the opportunity for you to post the data, right here, but all you do is talk in generalities, saying that someone else, somewhere, has the evidence.

          Show me the brick, Happy! Show me the brick!

        3. Jim Cook says:

          But Happy can’t do that, see, because the Illuminati have hidden all the air.

        4. Happy2inform says:

 You know that “operation ring of fire ” “conspiracy that Pamela Rae Shauffert , who your always dissing on warned ppl about? Well what do you have to say about this latest article on her page??? I can’t wait to hear your response lol

  4. Tom says:

    That wasn’t the one!

    Try this one:

  5. Tom says:

    Now That’s weird. This isn’t the one i’m linking to! It’s almost 33 minutes long. What’s this crap? It’s not even on the same subject! i’ll try another one.

    1. Bill says:

      Clearly, Tom, them dang gummint con-spirators are screwing around with your YouTube access to prevent you from revealing their dastardly plot to a sleeping populace.

    2. Bill says:

      Oh, I love this video, Tom; thanks! Russ Blaylock, ardent neo-fascist, grumpy old man, and world-renowned self-publisher (see my comment above), has done research on the “internet” and “YouTube” from the rocking chair on his front porch in Mississippi that proves that the dang gummint is determined to poison us all with nano-aluminum chemtrails! See, this is what comes of electing a black President.

      I particularly loved the part where he says that you can see that contrails nowadays go from horizon to horizon, and he’s old enough to know that jets don’t do that. Wait…what?

  6. Tom says:

    You’re right F.G. Enjoy the clean air and water by breathing and drinking deeply. No data (i imagine it’s proprietary info or a division of homeland security) means it doesn’t exist. So nothing further to add. You win!

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Tom, no data doesn’t necessarily mean that something doesn’t exist. It MAY mean that the data hasn’t been collected yet.

      However, when someone makes an extraordinary claim, such as that the federal government is poisoning people on purpose from the air, it’s not reasonable to ask people to believe the claim without any data.

      No, Tom, the data wouldn’t be proprietary controlled by Homeland Security, if toxic clouds were drifting down onto the ground day after day. Academics and state and local governments are monitoring air quality day to day – and they’re not all under any centrally-controlled authority. They measure the actual toxins in the air that do exist, and they have built coherent models about where those toxins come from – factories, power plants, cars, etc. If chemtrails were real, the data should have been recorded by now, don’t you think?

      I see that you’ve provided a link to a source that describes allegations of massive dumping of aluminum “chaff”. Let’s go with that. Can you find a source for that actual data?

  7. Tom says:

    1. Bill says:

      Bloody hell, what unmitigated horsesh*t.
      This video focuses on a single mini-symposium, on geo-engineering, at a recent annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), America’s oldest and largest scientific society. I’m a fellow of the AAAS, so I attend these meetings fairly frequently (though I did not attend this particular symposium). They’re intended to gather scientists from different disciplines to kick around ideas on topics of current interest, and it certainly is a topic of interest to think about whether, if the global warming sh*t hits the fan and things actually start collapsing, we might have any science options up our sleeves to try to avert catastrophe — i.e., geo-engineering. In particular it focuses on one physicist quite innocently discussing the properties of aluminum in this context, and horror of horrors he hasn’t done any toxicological studies!!! (because, you know, physicists do toxicology all the time, just like barbers routinely repair clocks). The sick clucks responsible for this video take little snippets of speech completely out of context, twine spooky music around it, and portray this as some kind of cabal of evil scientists gathering to destroy the world. Oy vey.
      Man, you live in a freaky, paranoid, twisted world, Tom.

  8. Tom says:

    Bill, i hope i’m wrong, but unfortunately the world has become a feaky, paranoid and twisted place. You’re ad hominem attack on Dr. Blaylock doesn’t make his statements or writing any less true (and you know it). You come off all “smarter than thou” with your repeated reference that you’re a scientist – making you untouchable i suppose – but the fact that all the trees are dying and the ocean is being trashed from all the pollution people spew out and dump everywhere (land, air, and water) is more than obvious. You can laugh but i’m trying to wake people up to the bottleneck we’re in. There will be food shortages as soon as this fall because our once fertle breadbasket states are choked with heat, drought and dust now, not only preventing crops from being raised, but also livestock. i’m not making this stuff up and i’m not being paranoid – i’m pointing out what’s going on.

    i’ve spoken (by e-mail) to a few farmers from a few states who have taken soil samples and sent them off to be analyzed to see why their yields are down and they mention the high rate of aluminum dust and other “chemtrail” elements. But that doesn’t count as data. There’s a blog called Wit’s End that documents the on-going tree decimation which cites pollution causing a huge increase in tropospheric ozone that impedes trees ability to function properly and causes reactions making them sick, weak (which impacts their ability to fight off fungus and bugs) and rotting from inside out. You can see the tell-tale signs in the leaves and on the bark. As i drive to and from work and along backroads i see the signs everywhere, even my own backyard now (i have 11 trees over 100 ft tall and they’re showing signs of stress). This too is not acceptable data.

    Why do we always wait until it’s too late to do anything about our problems? Is it a human condition – a “ignore it long enough and it’ll go away” mentality? You and maybe FG too probably don’t see that we’re in very deep trouble because we’ve become a cancer on the planet. We’ve crossed many positive feedback tipping points and they can’t be reversed. Some of them involve the melting Arctic, Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, CO2, methane and other toxic gases now being released by the thawing permafrost and from warming Arctic seas, loss of boreal forests rainforests and decomposing peat beds, and others. Very few people are paying any attention at all to these worsening conditions, but i’d have thought a scientist like yourself would be a bit more clued-in than you present.

    Are you being honest and sincere, Bill, or are you one of those paid Republican disinformation agents that are rumored to be spreading their “skepticism” all over the place – from the news media to college classrooms (firmly in the corporate camp – especially in research areas)? i’m just asking.

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Tom, the farmers’ soil samples ARE data points. However, what they may not be taking into account is that there are natural levels of aluminum in the soil in many places.

      Maybe that wasn’t natural aluminum. Maybe it was. Maybe, if it wasn’t naturally occurring aluminum, it came from another source of pollution other than chemtrails.

      Understanding the difference is very important.

      Real pollution is taking place, far too often. Taking incidents of that pollution, and ascribing it all strangely to secret government chemtrail programs doesn’t help.

      1. Happy2inform says:

        DR MICHAEL PECE ARIZONA 24 a 2002
        Once again, we in Arizona, missed our monsoon season. This is the two month period when we receive most of our rain. Apparently the Barium chemical removed the moisture from our atmosphere and we did not received any significant rain. Our drought continues.

        I am noticing my patients are coming in with frequent headaches, sinus congestion, asthma and ear infections in recent days/weeks. I attribute this to the allergic reactions to the chemicals which our government is spraying in OUR air! I have noticed that the “hair analysis” labs which I run on some of my patients all are indicating HIGH levels of Barium. My own hair analysis indicated high Barium levels. I am pretty familiar with diet and nutrition and quite honestly cannot think of any food that contain significant levels of Barium…Barium is not known to be absorbable in any significant degree. For this reason radiologists use barium for colonoscopy’s and other GI scans. Yet, we seem to have high levels of barium in our hair which means either barium is being stored from digestion or the hair is being contaminated by an outside source. I am quite concerned with this violation of our environment by a government that denies it is occurring, yet a person can step outside and watch our tax dollars at work.

        I am also angry that our Senators have no concern for us. I called Senator John McCain and Sen Jon Kyl to discuss this. Sen. McCain’s office did not have the decency to even return my call; Sen Kyle had an assistant call me and he spouted the party line that all I was experiencing was CON-TRAILS. Sorry, guys these are NOT contrails.

    2. Bill says:

      Of course there’s aluminum in the dirt and the water. Aluminum happens to be the third most abundant element on the planet, after oxygen and silicon (which, by the way, you’ll also find in dirt and water).

      1. F.G. Fitzer says:

        Aluminum that common? Really? Even more than carbon? Wow!

        1. Happy2inform says:

          “Cardiovascular mortality and long-term exposure to particulate air pollution” U.S. National Library of Medicine (source)

          ME Cassani Report (with Will Thomas)

          I am a health and medicine journalist/author/editor for over 20 years. Since November 1998, I have been working on the health aspects of some biological material ejected from low-flying planes. These incidents involved houses splattered with a reddish-brown gel. After a friend had heard Will Thomas’ initial interview on Art Bell’s show in February 1999, we thought my investigation might be related to Mr. Thomas’ investigation of unusual-appearing contrail activity, so I contacted him with information about what I was working on and we agreed to join forces as partners/colleagues and jointly publish our findings together. Since that time, I have contributed information to Will’s investigation in the form of health/medical research into what possibly could be contained in the contrails that might be adversely affecting the health of people exposed to them. I also shared with Will the laboratory analysis of the samples I collected from these homes covered with the red-brown gel. [June 18, 2000]

          Pennsylvania Chemical Analysis reveals Bacteria and Mold in Chemspray Bacteria:
          a. Pseudomonas
          b. Staphylococcus
          c. Bacillus

          Fungus/Yeasts/Molds: a. Penicillium – as noted above, makes penicllin.
          b. Acremonium – a rather nasty organism, found in patients who are immunocomprised, most frequently AIDS patients.
          c. Yeasts – a primitive mold.

          Chemtrail Program Funding and Corporations

          Was Art Bell (Chemtrail news reporter) assassinated?

          REFERENCES for 7 Kan, New Age New Era (15 n 2012)
          * Website pics “Strange Days, Strange Skies”
          * Will Thomas, Chemtrail Reporter

          Rense – Wigington chemtrail discussion – mp3 – 39 minutes – 09 o 2012

          [1] Aluminum and barium at fatal levels in Arizona with 1000% (10 to 100x) over legal limit

          Strange days Strange skies

          Chemtrails data reference listing

        2. Bill says:

          Yeah, in the grand scheme of things carbon is little more than a fairly minor contaminant of the planet. It’s a great big rocky world, and those rocks are mostly silicon and oxygen and aluminum and iron.

      2. Happy2inform says:

        The articles and reports I’m posting are so old they have cobwebs on them. This has been proven many many times over and again. Your denial makes you look ignorant . And your arrogant to think no one would want to eliminate people from a world that has 7 billion “too many” to control. Face it , there were cruel leaders and minions to aid them in the past in killing millions of people to gain power and control, and effectively wipe the targeted ” resource suckers” off the planet. And there IS the same , like minded , evil kind of people in power positions NOW. These evil leaders just have more technology. But history repeats its self time , and time again. You wouldn’t so much as acknowledge a chemtrail if it sprayed you in the face because you are one of them. What did they promise you? A seat in the DUMBS? Lol. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket bud, they say that to everyone as a means of obtaining obedience lol. By the way, what have you to say about the huge apocalypse paintings hanging in the Denver airport , where it is ADMITTED that they have underground city’s ” incase” of a apocalypse , so that humanity will survive ? And that no matter what , if anyone beats on the door and try’s to get in they WILL be shot. This came from the guard STANDING at the door to the DUMB at the airport , and this was recorded on camera . What have you to say about that ? Lol!

    3. Bill says:

      Dang, Tom…you caught me. Faced with the alternative hypotheses that (1) I disagree with you because you’re publicly spouting nonsense, and (2) that I’m a highly compensated shill for the Evil New World Order, your penetrating instincts have led you to the correct conclusion once again, and you have uncovered my role in the plot.

      Seriously though, I do have to ask myself why I’m wasting time contending with some random guy on the web. And the answer is this. I agree with your fundamental thesis, and I share your concern: unwise human activity is overstressing our ecosystems and our entire planet. I admire the fact that you take that very seriously. But what is so terribly disappointing is that you descend from that wisdom to conclude that we should all start wearing (dare I say it?) tin foil hats…yeah, that’s the ticket! You waste your valuable outrage…which should be pursuing solutions…by pursuing phantasms instead. This is not merely a waste of your creative energies, which the cause of conservation desperately needs; it also puts you in bed with viscious loonies like Blaylock (who, let’s recall, is on record regarding the civil rights and anti-Vietnam war movements as “…designed to attack the whole fabric of our social organization, especially our moral foundations” (see my 7 May 7:15 PM post, above). You call this an “ad hominem” attack…I call it a valuable data point. So you tell me who’s the Republican shill, hmm?

      1. Happy2inform says: ulates-of-aluminum-and-barium-and-cationic-polymer-fibers-with-unidentified-bio-active-material-2430160.html

        Chemtrail Analysis

        Phoenix Air Quality Test Results
        cadmium is 126x the toxic limit,
        chromium is 282x the toxic limit and
        nickel is 169x the toxic limit.
        aluminum is a stagg 6,400x the toxic limit,
        iron is 28,000x the toxic limit,
        magnesium is 5.3x the toxic limit,
        potassium is 793x the toxic limit and
        sodium is 15.9x the toxic limit
        barium is 278x the toxic limit,
        copper is 98x the toxic limit,
        manganese is a staggering
        5,820x the toxic limit
        zinc is 593x the toxic limit

        Positive Lab Results Pennsylvania
        American Heart Association Journal – Richard Verrier, PhD Illness and Find Particulate Matter
        Chronic barium intoxication disrupts sulphated proteoglycan synthesis: a hypothesis for the origins of multiple sclerosis.

        Dr. Bertell (Ph.D., biometrics) “I think they’re also a carrier for all kinds of biological and chemical warfare.”

        JAMA Reports on long-term exposure to fine particulate air pollution. CONCLUSION: Long-term exposure to combustion-related fine particulate air pollution is an important environmental risk factor for cardiopulmonary and lung cancer mortality.

        American Medical Association says “Particulate matter air pollution is especially harmful to people with lung disease such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema, as well as people with heart disease.”

        United States Environmental Protection Agency says “scientific studies have linked particulate matter,… with a series of significant health problems, including: Premature death.” This article clearly states particulate matter is not good for you yet they say nothing about the aerosol operations which intentionally put particulate matter in our air.

        Barium, Magnesium, Lead, Manganese, Aluminum, Iron, Sodium, and Specific Conductance (the ability of water to conduct a charge), were being found under unusual circumstances in our drinking water supplies.

        Factsheet on: BARIUM
        Global Survey Finds Asthma Deaths on the Rise By William J. Kole Associated Press (source)

    4. Happy2inform says:

      Another Las Vegas resident, Sandy Range, grew up within
      an outdoors field and stream-type family and has been
      watching the weather and the skies all her life.
      Holding a degree from Syracuse University, Range moved
      to Las Vegas in 1989. “I first began to notice the
      chemtrails in late ’96 – 14 criss-crossed miles-long
      vapor trails that didn’t evaporate like the norm. I
      began to see them weekly, then daily,” Range states

      One early morning in ’99 Range was returing from
      Henderson when a low-flying craft dropped a trail right
      overhead along Boulder Highway. “It covered my car with
      a sticky web-like coating and I saved a specimen in a
      jar. Microscopic fiber-like filaments,” Range reports.

      Government denials, as usual.;id=4037
      Main stream press reports on “Chemtrails” aerial
      spraying that’s making people sick.
      This is a must read.

      Indications of a concerted cover-up came in
      February 2003, when a retired Southern Baptist preacher
      named Everett Burton finally succeeded in reaching
      C-span. After voicing his opinion on the Clinton
      impeachment trial, this former minister told Americans
      to get a copy of the Constitution and read it to
      realize what they have lost. Rev. Burton then advised
      viewers not to take his word for what was happening in
      the US, “just look up in the skies as the planes
      regularly spray contrails across the skies, spraying
      people and making them ill.” At that point, Rev. Burton
      was cut off. The screen flipped from C-span to the
      Tennessee state seal, remained silent for several


      Marcus K. Dalton
      Tribune Media Group

      Part 1

      Editor’s Note: Las Vegas residents are increasingly
      noticing the appearance of chemical trails overhead.
      They appear EVERY weekend without fail, the only
      exception being the two weeks after September 11, 2001.
      Such “chemtrails” are substantially different in
      appearance to the normal condensation trails left by
      jet airliners. The difference is that while
      condensation trails are composed of water vapor that
      dissipates rapidly, “chemtrails” linger much longer and
      spread out over time to eventually cover the sky with a
      thin haze. This week the Las Vegas Tribune begins a
      two-part article to examine the undeniable and
      mysterious phenomena of Chemtrails Over Las Vegas.

      Last year a concerned reader wrote to the Idaho
      Observer: “Driving across Idaho and Nevada we saw
      normal condensation trails in the skies above north
      Idaho and we were habitually looking up as we drove
      toward Las Vegas. We had noticed that the sparsely
      populated areas in Nevada had brilliantly clear blue
      skies and that the occasional airplane left vapor
      trails that dissipated normally. But as soon as we
      neared Las Vegas, in the skies directly above the city,
      we watched what appeared to be a military C-135
      Transports spraying something over the populated areas.
      When the planes were no longer directly over Las Vegas,
      they continued flying leaving a vapor trail that
      dissipated normally.”

      It has been reported that the “chemtrails” contain
      ethylene dibromide — a substance that has been an
      additive to gasoline and airplane fuels as well as a
      banned pesticide. Ethylene dibromide has been linked to
      kidney and liver damage and is an immunosuppressive and
      a lung irritant.

      William Thomas, who has researched chemtrails since
      their appearance in the latter 90s, has noted stunted
      plant growth in once-healthy gardens and wilderness
      areas in Santa Fe and Aspen. Similar plant problems are
      commonly associated with chemtrails in other regions of
      the U.S.

      A brief history of the chemtrail phenomenon can be
      traced to a Washington state man who told award-winning
      investigative reporter William Thomas that he’d become
      ill on New Year’s Day 1999 after watching several jets
      make strange lines in the sky. Within six months,
      Thomas, writing primarily for the Environmental News
      Service, has detailed 1000s of eyewitness reports of
      chemtrails from 40 states.

      “Mainstream newspapers have gone out of their way to
      dismiss these eyewitness accounts,” Thomas told the New
      Mexican newspaper in June 1999, “It’s easier to sell
      UFOs to major media than a phenomena as close in many
      cities as the nearest window.”

      Especially disturbing for residents of heavily
      chemtrailed communities like Las Vegas is a “chemtrail
      sickness” associated with heavy spray days leaving many
      stricken people complaining of the “flu” and acute
      allergic reactions months after the flu season has
      ended. Upper and lower respiratory and gastrointestinal
      ailments remain unusually high in many spray areas,
      along with debilitating fatigue – and something even
      more worrying.

      What’s going on?

      Thomas is convinced that we are under “deliberate
      biological attack” by agents known only to top military
      and government officials responsible for permitting
      continuing over-flights by unmarked spray aircraft.

      Government officials deny that anything unusual is
      taking place, yet increasing numbers of concerned
      observers are seeing 727-like aircraft painted
      “all-white with a black stripe up the middle of
      fuselage” laying long and often cries-crossing
      chemtrail patterns over Southern Nevada and elsewhere.
      None of the planes carry identifying markings.

      Pat Edgar has been watching the jets spraying over
      eastern Oklahoma since a sunny day in October, 1997
      when as many as 30 contrails gradually occluded the
      sky. “They look like they’re playing tic-tac-toe up
      there,” he says. “You know darn well it’s not passenger
      planes.” Edgar says he has watched “cob-webbing stuff
      coming down” from the zigzagging jets flying “all day
      long, line after line, back-and-forth, like furrows in
      a farm field.” Edgar adds “There is a lot of Lupus in
      the area now. A lot of women have come down with it.”

      One source, who spoke to the Tribune under condition of
      anonymity, working as a civilian archeologist on
      government land throughout Nevada, began to notice “all
      white unmarked aircraft” preparing for take-off at
      Nellis AFB and at the Mancamp Complex near Tonapah in
      the late-90s. “It was these unmarked planes that were
      constantly laying down the criss-crossing X patterns of
      lingering chemical-spray trails over Southern Nevada.”
      When the archeologist asked the military escort who
      accompanied the civilian research team into ‘sensitive’
      areas around Nellis, about the planes, the reply
      received was, “You didn’t see anything.”

      Another Las Vegas resident, Sandy Range, grew up within
      an outdoors field and stream-type family and has been
      watching the weather and the skies all her life.
      Holding a degree from Syracuse University, Range moved
      to Las Vegas in 1989. “I first began to notice the
      chemtrails in late ’96 – 14 criss-crossed miles-long
      vapor trails that didn’t evaporate like the norm. I
      began to see them weekly, then daily,” Range states

      One early morning in ’99 Range was returing from
      Henderson when a low-flying craft dropped a trail right
      overhead along Boulder Highway. “It covered my car with
      a sticky web-like coating and I saved a specimen in a
      jar. Microscopic fiber-like filaments,” Range reports.

      Government denials, as usual.

      Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio authored the Space
      Preservation Act of 2001, which sought a “permanent ban
      against weapons in space,” specifically banning
      “chemtrails” as weapons. But in a subsequent version of
      the bill, the “chemtrails” language disappeared
      entirely. The missing words suggest an eyes-wide-open
      denial, which says as much about the cover-up as it
      does about the spraying that’s plainly visible in the

      In a front-page story entitled “Conspiracy theorists
      look up,” the Akron Beacon Journal noted that
      Kucinich’s bill “had been rewrittenand the references
      to chemtrails and the other types of weapons were
      quietly eliminated.” The Beacon Journal article,
      linking chemtrails to conspiracies, resulted from
      massive local pressure. Michel Massullo of Akron
      provided that newspaper with rolls of photos of plane
      trails and a sworn affidavit attesting to extensive
      aerial activity over that city.

      The U.S. Air Force Website refutes the “Chemtrail Hoax”
      as having been around since 1996, “accusing the Air
      Force of being involved in spraying the U.S.
      population” with mysterious substances: “Several
      authors cite an Air University research paper titled
      ‘Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in
      2025’ that suggests the Air Force is conducting weather
      modification experiments. The purpose of that paper was
      part of a thesis to outline a strategy for the use of a
      future weather modification system to achieve military
      objectives and it does not reflect current military
      policy, practice, or capability. The Air Force is not
      conducting any weather modification experiments or
      programs and has no plans to do so in the future. The
      ‘chemtrail’ hoax has been investigated and refuted by
      many established and accredited universities,
      scientific organizations, and major media

      Explaining the government’s position, Lieutenant
      Colonel Michael K. Gibson of the U.S. Air Force wrote
      U.S. Representative Mark Green in August 2000 and
      stated, “The term ‘chemtrail’ is a hoax that began
      circulating approximately three years ago which asserts
      the government is involved in a joint federal program
      of covert spraying of the public.”

      But many intelligent researchers call Gibson’s
      communique a classic non-denial denial: Gibson is
      denying that the Air Force is secretly spraying U.S.
      citizens. The reality is the U.S. Space Command and
      other government agencies are involved in ongoing
      experiments for military and environmental purposes
      that involve aerial spraying, and the microfibers and
      other sprayed chemicals inevitably fall to earth,
      putting the public at risk.

      Before you believe Gibson’s and the government’s
      “denial,” do an Internet search for the following
      terms: “Joint Vision for 2020” and “Weather is a Force
      Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025”, a whitepaper
      by MIT’s Bernard Eastlund and H-bomb father Edward
      Teller. Before he died in 2003, Teller was director
      emeritus of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,
      where plans for nuclear, biological and directed energy
      weapons are crafted. In 1997, Teller publicly outlined
      his proposal to use aircraft to scatter through the
      stratosphere millions of tons of
      electrically-conductive metallic materials, ostensibly
      to reduce global warming.

      Two scientists working at Wright Patterson Air Force
      Base confirmed to the Ohio newspaper, Columbus Alive,
      that they were involved in aerial spraying experiments.
      One involved aluminum oxide spraying related to global
      warming and the other involved barium stearate and had
      to do with high-tech military communications.

      And even in the face of government denials,
      environmental laboratories have begun to identify an
      extremely toxic component of the spray drifting over
      cities and countryside. Several independent sources
      claim that samples of fallout from the lingering smoke
      trails and have been independently tested and found to
      contain ethylene dibromide (EDB).

      In 1998, a US Air Force public affairs officer told
      residents of Las Vegas that their sudden upsurge of
      respiratory ailments could have come from “routine”
      fuel-dumping by military aircraft reducing weight for

      An extremely hazardous pesticide, EDB was banned by the
      US Environmental Protection Agency in 1983. But in
      1991, the composition of jet fuel used by commercial
      and military jet aircraft in the U.S. was changed from
      JP4 to somewhat less flammable JP8. A Department of
      Defense source says the move “has saved some lives” in
      air crashes. Ethylene dibromide is a key component of

      The 1991 Chemical Hazards of the Workplace warns that
      repeated exposure to low levels of ethylene dibromide
      results in “general weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, chest
      pains, coughing and shortness of breath, upper
      respiratory tract irritation” and respiratory failure
      caused by swelling of the lymph glands in the lungs.
      “Deterioration of the heart, liver and kidneys, and
      hemorrhages in the respiratory tract,” can also result
      from prolonged contact with JP8.

      According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s
      hazardous materials list: “Ethylene dibromide is a
      carcinogen and must be handled with extreme caution.” A
      seven-page summary of this pesticide’s extreme toxicity
      notes that EDB may also damage the reproductive system.
      According to the EPA, “Exposure can irritate the lungs,
      repeated exposure may cause bronchitis, development of
      cough, and shortness of breath. It will damage the
      liver and kidneys”.

      Mark Witten, a respiratory physiologist at the
      University of Arizona in Tucson where an official US
      Air Force study on JP8 was carried out, told Scientist
      in March, 1998 that crew chiefs “seem to have more
      colds, more bronchitis, more chronic coughs than the
      people not exposed to jet fuel.”

      EDB is 6.5-times heavier than air. Unlike normal
      condensation trails, the thick white streamers being
      sprayed from downward-pointing tail-booms over at least
      39 states does not dissipate, but spreads into an
      overcast that refracts a purple color in sunlight and
      appears suddenly as an oily film in puddles and ponds.

      Hundreds of photographs and videotapes made by ground
      observers show pairs or larger formations of aircraft
      spreading a white mist that thickens and drifts toward
      the ground. Thousands of eye-witnesses – including
      police officers, pilots, military and public health
      personnel – have provided detailed accounts of aerial
      spraying in characteristic “X”s and east-to-west grid
      patterns, followed by occluded skies – and acute
      auto-immune reactions and respiratory infections
      throughout affected regions.

      Severe headaches, nosebleeds, shortness of breath,
      joint pain and a dry hacking cough “that never leaves”
      are being reported by countless Americans jamming
      hospital Emergency Rooms from coast to coast. While
      December and January are traditionally bad months for
      asthma sufferers, patients, doctors and nurses across
      the U.S. report hospital wards filled to overflowing
      with bronchitis, pneumonia and acute asthma admissions
      at up to twice-normal winter rates.

      “We’re getting sprayed real heavily with the
      chemtrails,” a Las Vegas resident told the Tribune. ”
      On some days it’s just total saturation.”

      As over-filled Pennsylvania hospitals were forced to
      divert respiratory emergencies to other facilities with
      bed space, a south-central Pennsylvania resident,
      Deborah Kammerer, looked out her window and watched
      aircraft “flying and dispersing over the city. It was
      supposed to be a clear sunny day. It became more
      overcast as the day progressed. I observed how the
      white trails widened out and settled down creating a
      haze over everything.”

      Where is the mainstream media’s reporting of this mass
      phenomenon? Indications of a concerted cover-up came in
      February 2003, when a retired Southern Baptist preacher
      named Everett Burton finally succeeded in reaching
      C-span. After voicing his opinion on the Clinton
      impeachment trial, this former minister told Americans
      to get a copy of the Constitution and read it to
      realize what they have lost. Rev. Burton then advised
      viewers not to take his word for what was happening in
      the US, “just look up in the skies as the planes
      regularly spray contrails across the skies, spraying
      people and making them ill.” At that point, Rev. Burton
      was cut off. The screen flipped from C-span to the
      Tennessee state seal, remained silent for several

  9. kathy says:

    LOL. at this fool. I have so many dang pictures and so do..MANY MANY MANY. Documented test in Ca.. ETC.. You Blind.

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      You have pictures, Kathy? Did you draw them in crayon?

  10. A says:

    Des preuves ils y en a la tonne…même si ont fait faire des analyses par nos labos privés ..ils vont dire que c est pas bonb cpomme toujours et trouver des centaines d’explications pour l’aluminium et les autres produits identifier alors votre défi est ailleurs ..Nous attendons que le gouvernement assument ce qu’il fait avec la géoingénierie un science hypocrite facile a dissimuler sur le dos de dame nature..

  11. iain carstairs (@iain39) says:

    It’s very easy to show that chemtrail jets are not passenger aircraft. Get a copy of PlaneFinder, which uses Automatic Dependence Surveillance Broadcast technology to track all commercial jets.

    ADS-B equipment transmits the altitude, carrier, speed, heading, origin and destination, squawk and so on, for every jet, once per second. The make and model of the jet and even its flight history can be found from software such as PlaneFinder, and it’s all in real time.

    Here in Bedford we are sprayed roughly 28 days out of every 30. Now, all you need to do is watch the sky for an hour and you’ll see 4 or 5 commercial jets appear on PlaneFinder, at altitudes from 14,000 to 38,000 feet. The lower flying planes will have taken off from or be landing at Luton; the higher ones will be en route to or from the USA or Europe.

    None of these planes will leave anything but the very tiniest condensation trail, and then only at very high altitudes, and even then, only on days when the upper atmosphere is minus 44C.

    But the spray planes are another matter. They fly anywhere from 15,000 feet up and: (1) leave huge plumes of white muck which sticks around for hours, comprising of chemicals strong enough so that the plume rotates along its own axis and (2) do not appear on ADS-B systems.

    Every carrier in the UK is on PlaneFinder except FlyBe, a small short-haul outfit. And to judge from PlaneFinder’s lists of thousands of aircraft, every carrier in the US and Europe is also on it.

    Therefore, the muck spreader planes are NATO and the clean ones are commercial. Why is this so? Good question!

    1. J Clifford says:

      Um, Iain, that tracks commercial jets, but not all jets are commercial. It does not logically follow that if a jet is not commercial, it is spraying toxic chemicals.

  12. Rose says:

    F.G.F. — I have never posted like this before, but your offensive attitude toward people on this subject really bothers me. I seriously doubt you honestly care to know the truth. I, myself, have looked at enough patents and governmental documents to be concerned. For example, Patent No. 5003186 as seen on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website…not a “conspiracy” website…describing the seeding of the atmosphere with metallic particles:

    No, I don’t have all the facts, but I do have a lot of questions. All I know is I’m 60 years old. I’ve always watched the sky, and these “contrails” are NOT normal. I used to enjoy being outdoors, but not anymore. Not when there are huge, thick jet trail lines hanging right over my house, often on a daily basis. That is a sight I never saw in the past.

    It makes me SICK to see what is being done to our normally CLEAR BLUE SKY. This NEVER used to happen until recent years. So, something DIFFERENT is going on. You cannot convince me otherwise, even if my observations mean absolutely nothing to your super intelligent, “only-show-me-the-scientific-data-and-then-I-MIGHT-care” mind. In fact, after a long season of blue-less, milky white skies from these jet trails that eventually spread out and stay all day, I thank God when I see a deep blue sky. It’s like seeing an old friend who rarely comes to visit anymore.

    Even though I have many photos and videos from my own cameras, I don’t think you really care to see people’s photos, because there is an abundance of them online from all over the world. But if I knew how to upload a photo to this site, I would show you one taken from my car. And no, it was not drawn with crayons (as you rudely responded to a previous poster). It shows one portion of a larger grid formation. You cannot tell me that these large,THICK-lined, perfect grid patterns are NORMAL. And if you do tell me they are normal, then it just proves to me that you are either a fraud, or just very naive. I have seen perfect “tic-tac-toe” or “#” grids, with lines STOPPING and STARTING and evenly spaced. Obviously NOT normal air traffic. I never saw that before, and I’ve lived in this area my whole life and seen thousands of planes. We have three large airports, as well as governmental airfields nearby.

    One of the telltale markings of a chemical jet trail is the feather effect, or scalloped edge on one side of the line. I’ve seen the jet’s trail turn off and then start up again, which proves to me that it is NOT a normal contrail. It’s more like pilots who write in the sky.

    The fact is, WORLDWIDE, a LOT of people are noticing a DIFFERENCE in their skies. Are they all lying? Since when is anecdotal observation of absolutely NO value?

    My personal concerns are:

    1. Since these are obviously different from normal contrails, FOR WHAT PURPOSE is it being done?

    2. There are obviously certain concoctions being utilized in order to accomplish the specific goals…such as weather modification, or WHATEVER.

    3. Since one openly admitted and documented purpose is to reflect sunlight in the fight against “global warming” (as referenced above), then the goal would be to blanket the global sky with man-made clouds, and they would need these “clouds” to spread out and last a long time. It only makes sense that there would be a combination of substances, especially of a reflective nature, to accomplish this goal.

    4. Being that these planes are seen at relatively LOW altitudes, what kind of fallout is there, and how does it affect the planet? Just because you have not seen proof of a problem, it doesn’t mean there aren’t legitimate concerns, “conspiracy theory” or not.

    This whole thing is just one more example that shows the average person has no say in what is allowed to contaminate our air, our water, our food, and the myriad of products we use every day. Isolated toxin amounts may be “insignificant” at one exposure, but they can build up in the body over time, combine with all other toxic exposure and cause a TOXIC OVERLOAD…for which NO long term studies have been done.

    I would like to add that people who are concerned are not STUPID and don’t deserve your rudeness and demeaning attitude. People like you think you are so smart and intellectually superior compared to alarmed individuals who are just trying to get to the bottom of the CHANGE in our skies. We should be allowed to demand that those in charge PROVE that the substances being spewed into the air are SAFE.

    In fact, since the government won’t provide proof of safety, and since you are a person of science, I would like YOU to prove to ME that these LOWER ALTITUDE jet trails ARE safe, and are NOT damaging to our health, our water, our food crops, our forests, and bees, etc., etc., etc., etc. YOU show ME the studies that PROVE there is NO harm being done, and that there are NO long term effects. But then, that would take a miracle, because there AREN’T ANY. And like most intelligent humans, I don’t take kindly to being used as a guinea pig.

    You’ve heard the saying, “None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see.” (Matthew Henry) You, my friend, would have to be blind not to SEE with your own eyes what is right in front of your face. To assume that everything is A-OK and hunky dory is really, really pathetic. Especially in this upside down world of lies, where good is called evil and evil is called good, and the TRUTH is very hard to find.

    I will brace myself for your rude response. But have a great day. And if you have children, I sincerely hope their health will not be severely damaged. I hope that they do not get cancer early on, or have their lives cut short by the unconscionable, never-ending assault with toxins NOT proven to be safe, which our totally trustworthy government allows in every aspect of our existence. Never before in history have humans been exposed to so many UNTESTED chemicals, and to such a degree. You probably believe it’s perfectly fine that babies are now born with hundreds of toxic chemicals in them. Our bodies can only handle so much. To think otherwise is absurd! You may live out the rest of your life with blinders on, denouncing the harbingers of danger ahead while the “debate” continues. But I can tell you one thing. Our children WILL suffer because of the shortsightedness of people like you, and once the irreversible damage has been done, the science you are seeking for proof will be of NO VALUE. And THAT is the only LOGICAL conclusion.

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      These large,THICK-lined, perfect grid patterns are NORMAL.

      There. I told you. See, you’re wrong, and that is the only logical conclusion.


      The direction of a contrail, and its relationship in space to other contrails, only tells you where airplanes were flying. It doesn’t tell you anything about what those airplanes were doing.

      Can you please tell me the scientific method for distinguishing between contrails that contain tiny metal particles from contrails that do not, just by looking at a photograph?

      Are you aware that every single day, Stone Age human beings were exposed to hundreds, or even thousands, of untested chemicals?

      Why do I have to prove to you that contrails are causing no damage? I’m not the one making wild claims of secret government conspiracies to spray Americans with toxins.

      What’s your next demand? Will I be obligated to prove to you that invisible, weightless pixies are not dancing on the top of my head? Can you prove that they aren’t? Well, can you?

      1. Cwyatt says:

        I think rose and happy2info just whooped your ass via debate

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