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Delaware And Bicycles

“Delaware should be, is and will be a welcoming place to live and love and to raise a family for all who call our great state home.” So said Governor Jack Markell last night, upon signing into law a bill legalizing same-sex marriage.

Still, there are those, like the Boy Scouts and their allies, who remain loyal to out-of-date anti-homosexual bigotry. Even some supposedly gay-friendly families get involved with the Boy Scouts, because they just can’t imagine childhood without dorky-looking uniforms covered with badges.

“I know they’re knuckle-walking jerks,” they say with a shrug, “but the Boy Scouts help fathers bond with their sons.” Is there no other way for fathers and sons to get together and share an experience? Dave and Joseph McGrath found an alternative. They’re riding their bicycles together, over 1,800 miles, to the Boy Scouts headquarters in protest against the continuing anti-gay discrimination of the Boy Scouts of America.

Speaking of bicycles, it’s National Bicycle Month, a time for people to leave their automobiles behind, stop burning gasoline for a while, and roll down the road on their own power. You may not be able to go as far as the McGraths, but you still have the power to get out and move without paying Exxon or BP for the privilege.

One thought on “Delaware And Bicycles”

  1. Geoffrey McGrath says:

    David is my identical twin brother, and Joe is his son and my nephew. They are working to help the Boy Scouts change their policy so that all boys, gay and straight, can share in the joys of scouting and wear the same dorky uniforms equally. David and I received scouting’s highest youth honor and achieved the rank of Eagle on the same day. He and Joe are straight, I am not. Two of David’s 6 children are gay. All of us are cheering them along on their mission. Find out more at or on David’s blog at

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