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If God Works, How Come Mothers Only Have Two Hands?

South Somerville Baptist Church of Maine erects a sign reading If Evolution Works, How Come Mothers Only Have Two Hands?I saw this sign yesterday while travelling through South Somerville, Maine. If this were a valid ding against the scientific theory of evolution — which doesn’t claim that evolutionary pressures create absolutely optimal biological design — then wouldn’t it also be a criticism of the religious theory of God — which does claim that its alleged divine being is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent?

One thought on “If God Works, How Come Mothers Only Have Two Hands?”

  1. Mark says:

    I would argue that 4 limbs is the evolutionary optimum design for animals with endoskeletons. I’m no expert on mobility in animals, but I would suspect that an additional 2 limbs would interfere with movement. I can’t imagine a horse (or any other animal) with six legs being able run as fast as the same animal with 4 legs. In addition, the added metabolic cost of 2 more legs would probably outweigh any survival advantage.

    While it’s true that an arboreal species (think primates) might benefit from having an additional 2 arms, by the time primates evolved, the 4-limb body type was hard-wired in the genetic code. It would have taken a major mutation to produce a species with 6-limbs. Any such mutation would have had serious deleterious effects elsewhere in the organism’s anatomy and physiology.

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