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Barack Obama Fails To Push For International Agreement To Replace EU Emissions Trading Plan

Last November, shortly after he gained re-election with the support of environmental organizations, President Barack Obama signed the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme Prohibition Act into law. The law creates new government spending to help airlines based in the United States evade accountability for the large amounts of carbon dioxide pollution released by the fleets of airplanes they send shuttling back and forth over the Atlantic Ocean. Instead of providing the climate action that Obama promised, this new law of his actually helps to block action to deal with climate change.

obama climate changeAs justification for his support of this anti-environmental legislation, Obama promised that he would push hard for an alternative global agreement through the International Civil Aviation Organization at the United Nations.

That was six months ago. So, what has Obama done in the meantime? Not much.

The Reuters office in the UK notes, “So far progress at the ICAO on finding any other approach has been slow.” What progress has been made is progress toward a replacement of the European carbon trading scheme with a weaker agreement that doesn’t attempt to regulate carbon dioxide emissions at all.

The European system itself was a weakened system that compromised with polluters, allowing them to create a legal right to pollute that could be traded as an entitlement. So, Obama’s approach is to weakly promote a weakening of a previously weakened system.

Weak: That word sums up Barack Obama’s commitment to dealing with climate change.

Obama promised he would work “tirelessly” to confront climate change.

In reality, after his big speeches were done, Obama has been more listless than tireless.

7 thoughts on “Barack Obama Fails To Push For International Agreement To Replace EU Emissions Trading Plan”

  1. Happy2inform says:

    F.G , I have some clear evidence for you, this should put all doubt in your mind to rest. A chemtrail pilot just spelled the words “LAST CHANCE ” with his poisonous tank of spray he was supposed to be simply spraying over NYC in an attempt to WARN the people of the US of somthing coming. He obviously changed his mind about the side he was going to serve, and probably will be killed for what he did up there. this should be a massive wake up call to all the non-belivers.

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Happy, this just jumped the shark. That’s a sky-writing airplane. Any evidence that those are chemtrails and not just ordinary smoke trails? Of course not. You know that. This is just plain silly.

      Failing to deal with the real climate crisis, which has been proven with generations of scientifically-scrutinized evidence, is much more deserving of your attention.

  2. Happy2inform says:

    And if I have hogged up commenting space, and gone off topic to your posts, I apologize, but you need to understand there is a war going on behind the scenes that is about to explode out into the view of everyone , and when it does millions will be killed. We are in terrible times, and many people are going to be saying to themselves “I should have listened. Please heed this pilots warning and take a second away from your mocking attitude to soak up the full gravity of what is really going on. This is not the time to have pride and be scared someone will prove you wrong all this time. It’s not your fault you were deceived , millions of others are too , that was their plan after all, create a distraction , brainwash , hide , and cover up . When it all boils down to it even evil doers are still human, and can grow a heart, and change their mind at any time before its too late.

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Okay, Happy. You’ve just said that there’s an ongoing war “about to explode out into the view of everyone”.

      So, it’s about to happen, huh?


      How much time would have to pass for you to accept that you’re wrong, and that there is no chemtrails conspiracy war going on?

      One year without it erupting into the open?

      Two years?

      Also, if this thing is really “behind the scenes”, doesn’t that mean that you aren’t really seeing anything directly yet?

      How do YOU get to see behind the scenes when others can’t? Are you gifted with The Shining?

  3. Happy2inform says:

    You really are one of them! My real name is Tammy by the way. I’m sure you know that already anyhow, but yes of course , you are a satanic NWO evil doer , so yes you have a clearly logical excuse of why this pilot of probably million dollar equipment would go out of his way to WARN all of NYC and The whole entire world it is their LAST CHANCE , of course, I’m so stupid to think this guy was actually SERIOUS!!! Haha what a jokester! Had me a little worried for a second this guy actually knew something terrible was coming! SMH

  4. Happy2inform says:

    The WAR is not about chemtrails! Chemtrails are the LEAST of our worrys, but when people can’t even acknowledge those, they are obviously not going to acknowledge anything MORE sinister and dangerous , it’s just too monstrous for everyone I guess. It’s ok stay blind until death. I’m not going to comment here again, I’m wasting my time .

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