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Rand Paul Looks Out of Country and Out of State for Political Inspiration while Helping Tax Dodgers Hide Money

Last week, Senator Rand Paul “of Kentucky” introduced special legislation, S. 887.

You may notice that I placed “of Kentucky” in quotes in the last paragraph. That’s because, according to Open Secrets’ analysis of Senator Paul’s contributions, he’s not mainly funded by the actual people of Kentucky. In the 2012 election cycle, Rand Paul received $2,688,296 (68% of his contribution dollars) from out of state. One of the top five sources of contributions to Rand Paul’s campaigns has been financial securities and investment corporations.

This should not be surprising, given the strategy Rand Paul has pursued in his fundraising. Not one of the thirteen Rand Paul political fundraising parties tracked by the Sunlight Foundation has taken place in Kentucky. All of them have taken place inside the beltway of Washington, DC.

And what’s S. 877 all about, anyway? Is it some kind of bill to help out residents of Kentucky who are struggling to find jobs in a stagnant labor market? No. Would the bill benefit Kentucky manufacturing? No. Would the bill create investment of resources somewhere in the state of Kentucky? No.

S. 887 is a bill to make it easier for ultra-rich tax dodgers who hide their income in secret foreign banks, pretend the income doesn’t exist, and fail to pay taxes on their secret income. Paul’s bill would eliminate the requirement that those ultra-rich tax dodgers report this income on their taxes, and would drastically reduce penalties for the few wealthy tax dodgers who do get caught. It would reward irresponsible, anti-civic lawbreaking by the privileged one-tenth of 1% — most of whom don’t live in Kentucky.

Who does Rand Paul represent? He just showed you.

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