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One thought on “Phytoeradication”

  1. Bill says:

    Pampas grass (a pesky invasive ‘decorative’ import threatening a lot of North America’s native ecosystems), kudzu (ditto), Japanese stiltgrass (double ditto…around our farm we are eternally at war with this quite attractive but extremely aggressive and death-defying invader), and — least rationally but most emphatically — curly dock, which as far as I know is completely innocuous but which offends my sensibilities by popping up in my pastures and looking ugly. The dang stock won’t eat it, which gives it a leg up on my pasture grass. That reminds me…it’s just about time for me to break out the 2,4-D (Oh miracle of better living through chemistry) and the backpack sprayer. Say hello to my leetle friend! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

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