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Skull Appreciation

This morning, I started out with the gruesome subject of battlefield cannibalism. Let me extend this theme now in a less violent respect. Let’s talk about skulls.

skull pajamasYou’re carrying a skull with you right now. You always do. Yet, skulls are regarded as symbols of danger, loss, and fear. People love them.

Why do people have an attraction to skulls and skull imagery. I noticed a few years ago that skull images have begun to creep onto children’s products. There are pajamas for young children with skulls on them. Go to sleep now, little one, with your skulls all around you as you close your eyes… There are even skull pajamas available for virtual characters on Second Life“Fits Parents Too!”.

There’s a web site just for skull lovers. It’s called the Skull Appreciation Society. Its creators explain: “Skulls have always represented death but to us skulls are a celebration of life, a symbol of what was and what will be through the lives of us and everyone that follows. Artists have been using skulls in their creations for hundreds of years and will continue to do so and we are going to be talking about and sharing them to you in all their glory and beauty.”

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