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Green Shadow Cabinet Challenges Obama On Climate Change

Barack Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry is now attending an international Arctic Ministerial Summit on climate issues in Sweden. While there, he plans to do… not very much. Obama’s Arctic policy is to marginalize environmental issues, opening up Arctic waters to oil drilling and authorizing hunts against wolves from airplanes.

The Green Party this week has responded to Barack Obama’s continuing antagonism to climate action by partnering with Unite Against Pipelines, an organization that led a climate protest against President Obama this Monday in New York City. Obama was holding a fundraiser there at the ritzy Waldorf Astoria hotel. Obama has no time to craft meaningful climate policy, but he has plenty of time, apparently, to take loads of money from the representatives of the filthy rich… even though Obama isn’t running for re-election again.

green party climate directorExplaining the partnership, Mark Dunlea, Director of the Green Shadow Cabinet Office of Agriculture and Climate, comments, “We need system change, not climate change. Rather than striving to maximize the profits of the 1%, we need to support a sustainable approach to the economy that lifts up all Americans. Rather than begging money from Wall Street banksters, the President ought to be in DC working furiously to get private money and the 1% out of American elections.”

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