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The Denver Airport Conspiracy Finally Unmasked

When I first looked at the article about the Denver International Airport, written two days by a person using the pseudonym “Truther”, I couldn’t accept it at face value. It seemed too absurd to be a genuine conspiracy theory, with wildly exaggerated claims about the tiniest clues.

But then, I remembered an article I wrote almost six years ago now, about another conspiracy theory involving Denver. People claimed that on 6/06/2006, Satanists would come out of their hidey holes and start engaging in acts of mass destruction and violence to begin a worldwide cataclysm that would lead to an Illuminati New World Order government. The conspiracy theorists pointed to the fact that the Denver Police Department was on high alert for Satanist crimes on the sixth of June, 2006 as proof that the Satanic attacks would take place.

The truth was that there never was any Satanist conspiracy. No Satanist attacks ever took place. The Denver Police Department, however, in addition to a number of conspiracy theorists, had been willing to believe in the reality of the very silly story simply because it sounded frightening enough to get their attention.

secret denver airport tunnelsThe lesson from that non-incident was that, even when a conspiracy theory appears laughably absurd, it’s no guarantee that some people don’t actually believe in it. Looking into the Denver Airport conspiracy theory, there seem to be plenty of believers.

The basic conspiracy theory, though it has many iterations, goes like this: Denver already had an airport, and everybody liked it, but then, suddenly and strangely, mysterious, anonymous organizers pushed through the creation of the new Denver International Airport. The entire airport is nothing more than just a mask to distract people from noticing the construction a structure that exists below ground, the conspiracy theorists say. That structure is supposed to be the headquarters of the Satanic New World Order Illuminati, as they orchestrate disasters all over the Earth to help the AntiChrist begin his rule, as prophesized in the Book of Revelations in the Christian Bible.

What’s the evidence for this remarkable accusation? The general idea is that the Denver International Airport is filled with New World Order Illuminati Masonic Satanic symbols. In his article, “Truther” claims to have observed “a number of mysterious masonic symbols and murals clearly depicting the end of the word. [sic]”

People who are familiar with ideas of logic and rational planning will perceive a flaw in the conspiracy already. If the purpose of the new Denver airport is to hide the existence of the headquarters for a sinister conspiracy, why would the designers of the airport place signs of the conspiracy’s existence all over the airport, in clear public view?

Addressing this flaw in the conspiracy theories, Skeptoid comments, “There’s a common red flag shared by this particular conspiracy and many others, and that’s the presumption that the conspirators chose to publicly announce their evil plans by putting all of this out there for everyone to see. That would be like Nixon, before Watergate, ordering a public mural to be placed in the hotel lobby showing GOP spies breaking into a room. Or Oliver North announcing his intentions by placing a sculpture in the National Mall showing himself handing a shoulder-fired missile launcher to an Iranian with one hand, and giving the proceeds to a Nicaraguan with the other.”

For the conspiracy theorists, the Satanic Illuminati are suffering from a compulsive need to provide clues to their New World Order plans. In this way, the Illuminati are supposed to be like the bad guys in the old Scooby Doo Cartoons. “Truther” engages in this belief in secrets in plain sight when he shows us what he claims to be a map of the original secret underground buildings, arranged in the pattern of a pentagram. The map, three times, declares that the structures are “secret”, just so that we can’t miss the implication. Would a genuine conspiracy bother to label its tunnels as “secret tunnels”?

“Truther” writes, “Many people believe that the largest underground bunker in the world lies beneath the Denver airport. Specifically a 360,000 sq. foot bunker, built by the New World Order to house the elites in case of economic collapse or nuclear holocaust. The construction of the Denver airport was necessitated as a dumb show; an above ground construction project to hide the the creation of something that lies beneath, hiding in plain sight.” Yet, “Truther” never provides any evidence, other than his purported secret map of secrets, that the supposed bunker exists, or is associated with any New World Order.

poseidon statueSeparate from assertions about a secret bunker, another piece of evidence of a conspiracy pointed to by “Truther” is the existence of a statue of a blue horse outside the airport. “Truther” points out that the artist who created the sculpture died when a large piece of the sculpture fell on him in his studio in New Mexico. What does that prove exactly, and how does a statue of a blue horse clearly depict “the end of the world”? If we want to claim that the blue horse statue is a symbol for some lost religious agenda, the closest thing I can think of would be a cult of Poseidon. Poseidon, after all, was the deity of horses, and of the ocean, so a blue horse might represent that god. But then, why would a group of Poseidon worshipers assemble at a city nearly 1,000 miles from the nearest ocean? I think it’s more likely that this statue of a blue horse is simply a statue of a blue horse.

Still, “Truther” has other arguments. One is that an engraving showing a mine cart, with the letters Au and Ag, referring to the precious metals that are mined nearby is actually a secret code for a biological weapon created by one of the founders of the airport. “At a glance,” Truther writes, “AU AG would logically be the symbols for gold and silver. But that meaning is called into question when you find out that one of the founders of the airport also discovered a new, deadly strain of hepatitis known as Australia Antigen, also called AUAG. It has been rumored that AUAG could be a potent weapon in biological warfare. This symbol rests on the ground directly in front of the biological warfare mural.” Actually, I can’t find any reference to any connection between Australian Antigen, the Denver airport, and biological warfare, besides in the many conspiracy theory web sites that promote the Denver Airport legend.

Next, “Truther” connects the Illuminati Satanic conspiracy with an ancient Mayan calendar. He points to a mural in the airport, in which he sees, “a little girl in the back right holding a Mayan tablet alluding to Dec. 21, 2012, the end of the world.” The “Mayan tablet” that the girl in the mural is carrying actually looks nothing like the Mayan calendar that conspiracy theorists said predicted the end of the world in 2012. Besides, do I need to point out that December 21, 2012 was not, in fact, the end of the world? “Truther” wrote his article citing this “tablet” on May 17, 2013. Chronology is not his strong suit, apparently.

Conspiracy theorists are willing to connect any news related to Denver to the Denver Airport conspiracy. “Truther” points out that, in September of last year, Barack Obama traveled through Denver on the very same day that the Earth was not struck by a comet. “President Obama was in Denver Sept 27th last year when Comet Elenin passed by the earth, “barely missing” us by 22 miles. Some say, that if the comet would have struck earth, it’s back to the stone-age for us. Nonetheless, their was a chance that it could have hit and President Obama was conveniently ushered to Denver… which, in my opinion, adds more to the existence of not only a military bunker, but also the largest, most advanced bunker in the US – because the President wouldn’t go to some half-ass bunker if there was a threat of complete world destruction.” “Truther” seems not to understand that, given that large objects move through space in very predictable ways, there wasn’t really a chance that the comet that did not hit the Earth could have hit the Earth instead. It was predicted to not hit the Earth, and those predictions, unlike the predictions of “Truther”, were based in reality, and were proved to be accurate.

“Truther” rounds out his article with a fearful report that he “got a weird phone call from “Government Affairs” (whatever that is) on our office phone caller ID and they hung up after we answered. If this post disappears for some reason tomorrow, you know why.” Well, the article has not appeared, actually, and I think we know why.

CSICOP points out that, although conspiracy theorists report that Denver Airport officials refuse to respond to questions about the alleged conspiracy, actually, the airport has people on staff who are prepared to do so, and will even give tours of the airport to explain its design. CSICOP writer Robert Blaskiewicz directly asked the Denver Airport’s art manager, Matt Chasansky about the conspiracy theories, and Chasansky responded openly, saying, “You name a conspiracy theory and somehow we seem to be connected to it. It’s one of the exciting parts about the story, the culture, that has built up around these; … we can fit into pretty much any story you want to tell because the assumptions and the misinterpretations have gotten wilder and wilder…. It’s a very plastic narrative that’s been created. But probably the most common is that there’s an underground city and that it is a part of a network of underground cities that the government or some sort of shadow international government or aliens are building, depending on your perspective…or Masons…. DIA just seemed to fit that story.”

3 thoughts on “The Denver Airport Conspiracy Finally Unmasked”

  1. J says:

    Under the tunnels lies the secrets. That’s all I can say.

  2. lwer344131212 says:

    while right now i do not believe the bs about the airport itself (whose to say that some future earthquake might send the elites aboveground lol) anyway there are cards called illuminati game cards you can buy them on ebay now a majority of them are probably just conspiracy but you do need to know there are a few cards in the deck that came true as if to say we are being played like a deck of cards theres one for almost every disaster there is…the 9/11 cards are especially and to the recent paris terrorism…since 1994 steve jackson has called for the death of lady di, the clinton scandals, 9/11, the colorado theater shootings, frankenfoods could be gmos and poisons too…..and oh my donald trump is in there …the airplanes in malaysia one of the cards has a pic of the area where it went down….coincidence i think not…perhaps i am wrong but you have to wonder when the tape will run out… i have faith though not in jesus but i have faith that the planet will weed itself out eventually…the ones who think they will survive wont and the ones who know how to will after all its just a deck of cards

    1. Jim Cook says:

      That card was designed after the first WTC attack and inaccurately described the use of a nuke. I can just hear the response: “classic distraction technique!”

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