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19 House Democrats Vote With GOP To Approve XL Pipeline For Crude Oil

The disaster of the oil spill from a pipeline in Mayflower, Arkansas began just two months ago. 19 members of the U.S. House of Representatives seem to have forgotten that the environmental catastrophe ever took place, though. Last night, they voted along with every Republican member of the House to approve a special exemption from regulation for the proposed XL pipeline, which is designed in violation of environmental protections, and would snake its way across the USA all the way from Canada down to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas.

These 19 Democrats were:

John Barrow
Sanford Bishop
Cheri Bustos
Jim Cooper
Jim Costa
Henry Cuellar
Bill Enyart
Al Green
Gene Green
Ruben Hinojosa
Sean Maloney
Jim Matheson
Mike McIntyre
Patrick Murphy
Collin Peterson
Terri Sewell
Filemon Vela
John Yarmuth

… plus one other mystery Democrat, perhaps. The Library of Congress says that there were 19 Democrats who voted for the bill, but counting this list, there appear to be just 18.

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