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3 Years Later, "Scientist" Still Hasn’t Released Data on "Breatharian" Prahlad Jani

Travel back with me to 2010, when American journalists breathlessly spread the story of Prahlad Jani, an Indian mystic who claimed to have gone seven decades without eating or drinking, subsisting only on the air he breathed and an alleged mysterious elixir he said was produced by the hole in his palate. News reports around the world covered the news conference of Dr. Sudhir Shah, at which it was declared that that in a scientific experiment Jani had gone 15 days without food or water and nevertheless managed to maintain vital signs and metabolic functions within “the safe range” for humans.

What those 2010 news reports didn’t mention was the following:

  • Dr. Sudhir Shah is not an impartial experimenter, but rather a devotee who deeply believes in breatharian Jain religious teachings.
  • During the experiment, Prahlad Jani was allowed to extensively “gargle” and “bathe”
  • Prahlad Jani lives in an apartment with a refrigerator. Jani’s followers wouldn’t let journalists open the refrigerator door.
  • No scientific evidence from the experiment was offered at the news conference to substantiate the claims being made.

The last point is the most important: no scientific evidence was offered at the press conference to substantiate the outlandish claim being made. Instead, Sudhir Shah promised that “the claim will be scientifically substantiated after analysis of investigations carried out. All the reports and results will be scientifically analyzed, subsequently and will take some time. The entire study team will meet periodically to discuss the findings and draw valid conclusions.”

It’s been three years now. Has any peer-reviewed journal article been published with scientific evidence of Prahlad Jani’s feat? Look for yourself: the answer is no.

Has Dr. Sudhir Shah published any scientific findings from the 2010 experiment on his website? Look for yourself: the answer is no.

7 thoughts on “3 Years Later, "Scientist" Still Hasn’t Released Data on "Breatharian" Prahlad Jani”

  1. monopole says:

    they are probably puzzled by the mystery

  2. MadGenius says:

    They are probably analyzing it, until the final conclusion is done.

  3. jase says:

    they are probably trying how to skew the data in their religious favor

  4. ActualScientist says:

    Obviously you don’t know anything about science.
    Research can take a long time; there are a lot more things to study than you would think.
    Particularly because you have to study each aspect individually in controlled settings and account for every other aspect of a complex issue.
    It’s not like you can watch the guy for two weeks and instantly know what’s going on.

    So until you actually do this work yourself, keep your impatience in check, and stop trying to invalidate the work being done.

    1. Jim Cook says:


      There hasn’t been any new data collected on Prahlad Jani by this team for four years. To use your words, that team’s plan was pretty much exactly to “watch the guy for two weeks.” And the team itself declared it would be issuing results.

      I’ve done data analysis. It doesn’t take this long. The data will never be released.

  5. Ashok K Singh says:

    It is very important for Earthlings to invite Prahlad Jani to the US and scientifically observe his ability to not eat food for a month or two. According to the Vedas all things in the phenomenal Universe (spectral form) are waves on the one energy continuum “Sat-Chit-Ananda” or “Matter-Consciousness (life related)-Bliss (Thought/Logic/emotion related)”. When the Sat-Chit-Ananda is not in the spectral form it exists in a non-dual/non-spectral form. White light approximates the Sat-Chit-Ananda in the non-spectral form. White light breaks into the spectrum of colors. So does Sat-Chit-Ananda breaks into the phenomenal universe and also remains in non-dual (Advaitya) form. The Chit or Prana (moves from lower potential to higher potential as well as higher potential to the lower potential in the universe) is the energy that is the source of biological/animal mobility/life in the animals and humans (that is living creatures as opposed to the matter). The matter energy only moves from the higher potential to the lower potential. Therefore, the Prana energy is in both the phenomenal and non-phenomenal universe. Like matter energy the Sat-Chit-Ananda energy is neither created or destroyed it simply changes forms (it is in the creation in the spectral form and beyond in the non-spectral form like the white light). So it is possible to harness Prana without eating Earth food. So let us find out how Prahlad Jani has accomplished this in India. It is not a magic or a lie that he does. It can be possible.

  6. zamil says:

    If he is really living without food and water I guess by now some huge conglomerate already has him and his followers under their wing and might be independently doing their research which we all are totally unaware of. and we all know how the medicines company can benefit if a little fraction of what he has can be utilized . Just saying..a lot can happen.

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