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Fact Check: Are Immigrants Out-Breeding Natural Born Americans?

“Our government is breeding us out,” says one anti-immigrant activist. The idea is that the Democratic Party has a plan to win permanent control of the government by continuing policies that have allowed a flood of Hispanic immigrants to come into the United States, making babies so fast that soon, non-Hispanic European Americans won’t be a significant voting bloc. “You are advocating genocide for White children,” writes another believer in this idea, arguing for the further restriction of immigration. “Why do you anti-Whites hate White children so much that you would breed them out of existence?”

The White Supremacist group Stormfront complains that “96,000 babies were born in California last year whose parents are illegals.” That sounds like a big number. What about the rest of the country? The Wall Street Journal reports that, in 2008, one of every eight babies born in the United States was born to an undocumented immigrant.

So, the immigrants are going to breed us out, right? Actually, the math doesn’t support that idea. Even if the Wall Street Journal statistic is accurate, it shouldn’t be alarming – it would indicate that 7 out of 8 babies born in the United States have citizens and legal residents as parents.

Immigrants aren’t flooding over the border faster than Americans make babies, either. The American Population Clock from the Census Bureau shows that there is a baby born in the United States every eight seconds. One immigrant enters the United States only every 44 seconds. If anything, natural citizens of the United States are outbreeding immigrants.

Of course, no one is really outbreeding anyone else. If I have a baby, I don’t prevent anyone else from having a baby. Making a baby is also a remarkably inefficient way to create a voter to support a certain group of policies. It takes 18 years for a baby to mature to voting age, and even then it’s not at all certain which sort of candidates that young person will support at the ballot box.

The facts don’t support the fear. If there was a secret program to affect American elections through immigration, the facts show that it would be a pathetically weak and ill-conceived conspiracy.

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