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People Getting Married Is Worse Than Violent Assault, French Protesters Say

france marriage protestThis month, France joined the global movement to recognize the legal equality of all people, regardless of sexual orientation. It legalized same-sex marriage. Most people in France were happy with the decision.

Large crowds of angry right wing protesters gathered in the streets this weekend, however. They demanded that everyone else follow their way of living. They insisted that the government revoke marriage rights for large numbers of French couples. They shouted for a return to inequality.

Why should anyone listen to them? It was all about moral values, the French anti-equality protesters said.

To prove their loyalty to moral values, the protesters threw bottles and bricks at the police, and chased after journalists, carrying sticks threatening the reporters with a beating. The French right wing moral code: Allowing people who love eachother to get married is wrong, but engaging in violent riots is morally upright.

I think French protesters would keep more of the world’s respect if they stayed with the occasional angry farmer blocking traffic with his tractor.

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