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Ukranian Cronax Personal Transportation System Provides Alternative to Segway and Hovertrax

This week, technology web sites are writing about the Hovertrax Electric Vehicle, a personal transportation device that costs as much as an old used car but provides almost none of the functionality. If you remember the Seqway, the personal transportation vehicle that was supposed to revolutionize our society but never did, you’ll have a good idea of what the Hovertrax is. Essentially, the Hovertrax is a Segway without handles. It’s a platform with wheels that a person steps on and controls by carefully managing their balance to activate gyroscopic mechanisms.

EarthTechling writer Nino Marchetti proposes the Hovertrax as a mode of transportation for “those times when walking a long distance can be overrated,” but doesn’t specify what those times would be. Presumably, these times the Hovertrax would outperform walking would have to include relatively clear weather conditions, in places with smooth, wide sidewalks, as the Hovertrax doesn’t seem capable of moving across uneven natural terrain, or through snow and ice.

At its maxiumum speed, the Hovertrax can reach the pace of a moderate jog. However, the Hovertrax runs out of power after only four miles, and requires a full hour to recharge. When its batteries run out of energy, it needs to be carried by hand to a power source.

cronax hovertraxThe one advantage that a Hovertrax has over an old used car is low emissions and energy efficiency. However, a tech design company from the Ukraine has proposed an alternative that threatens to steal the thunder of the Hovertrax. The Ukranian design team calls their transportation system the Cronax.

Unlike the Hovertrax, which relies on electrical systems that are mostly powered by the dirty process of burning of coal and natural gas, the Cronax recycles the energy that its users receive from their own biological nutrition. In fact, the Cronax helps its users to burn more calories than they would if they drove a car or rode a Hovertrax, actually making its users more physically fit.

The Cronax system has advanced transportation capabilities that the engineers of the Hovertrax, the Segway, and traditional automobiles have been unable to replicate. Like its competition, the Cronax works well on flat, paved surfaces. Unlike its competition, the Cronax can easily take its users over uneven natural terrain. The Cronax can actually climb stairs, and smoothly move over barriers several feet high. More adventurous Cronax users have learned how to use the system to perform such feats as climbing trees and mountains.

An amazing feature of the Cronax transportation system is that it doesn’t change the appearance of the people who use it. What’s more, the Cronax can go for decades without need of repair. The Cronax is designed to recover from minor damage overnight, while its users are sleeping.

Best of all, people seeking to use the Cronax system don’t need to pay the hefty price retailers ask for the Segway or the Hovertrax. The Cronax system comes pre-installed, at no additional cost.

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