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A Day for Everyone in Maine Goes Nowhere

Most legislators who propose that a particular day be named for some concept tend to home in on some particular concept, cause or constituency. But this year in Maine, State Representative Scott Hamann has introduced a bill that at least in principle appeals to everyone. If passed, HP 1067 would institute the first Wednesday in April as Everyone Matters Day. The preamble to HP 1067 recognizes that people are judged and discriminated against on the basis of all kinds of status, as children and as adults, in all sorts of settings, online and offline. Therefore, the idea is that on the first Wednesday in April, people will remember that “Everyone Matters” and that we will “promote respect and support everyone’s right to be who he or she is without being shamed, judged or attacked.”

This potentially most universal of bills hasn’t even received a committee hearing, avoiding a nasty collision of earnestness and sarcasm in 2015, when the first Wednesday in April falls on April Fools’ Day.

One thought on “A Day for Everyone in Maine Goes Nowhere”

  1. Tom says:

    That’s great Jim! What serendipitous timing that would be!

    By extension, using the current logic: if everyone matters then actually no one matters! Like if everyone is breaking the law and no one is actually doing anything differently than anyone else, therefore no one is actually doing anything “wrong” – because everyone is doing whatever what may be labeled “wrong” (so whatever these actions are, they aren’t actually wrong, just labeled that way) and so this so called “law” is unenforced (possibly even unenforceable). I think this is the basis of the “thinking” behind President Obama’s reluctance to go after the TBTF banks and the Bush administration for any wrong-doing.

    No wonder the day went nowhere – it’s practically useless. It also looks as if the bill would call to attention the fact that discrimination would be suspended for just that one day! Oh howdy-do! No worries, on the next day it’s back to being the same cretins as usual folks!

    Hilarious. Your government at work. Can you believe these people get paid handsomely for this kind of stunt? Simply amazing how messed up humanity is.

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