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From Humor to Horror in Turkey: How Could They Beat Their Own People? (…)

This morning, as I looked to the popular headline service Twitter for accounts of secular protest across Turkey, what struck me first was the humor in a pair of photographs from Ankara and Adana:

Darth Vader leads pro-secular march in Ankara, Turkey


What whimsy, I thought. What fun. But then I thought about why some of these largely peaceful protesters are wearing masks — it’s to be protected from retaliation by religious authoritarians. The Islamist government in Turkey is deploying police to stop the current wave of dissent, repeatedly beating protesters:


For a well-composed summary of recent event in Turkey, I recommend this article by Sumandef Hakk?nda. For the most current information, scan through posts on the #OccupyGezi hashtag. While you do, reflect on just how lucky we Americans are to live in a land where an incipient grassroots social movement cannot be quelled by police brutality.



Anthony Bologna, the police officer who pepper-sprayed the nonviolent protesters in the video above, has not been charged with any crime — and a month ago Manhattan’s District Attorney declared he will not be.

3 thoughts on “From Humor to Horror in Turkey: How Could They Beat Their Own People? (…)”

  1. Tom says:

    Hey Jim – great juxtaposition of the whimsy with the violence. A ways back we were discussing chemtrails. I found a guy who spent a few years researching it and wanted to pass along the site for your consideration.

    1. Jim Cook says:


      Thanks for writing.

      I actually stayed far out of the “chemtrail” discussion on purpose, because I have not encountered a simple falsifiable (that is, testable) hypothesis from the “chemtrail” community. Instead, there seems to be a lot of suggestion without verification of specific claims. That is stylistically flashy, but I have no idea what it shows. I therefore find discussions of ideas like “chemtrails” (or similar claims like Morgellons) to be like punching fog.


  2. Tom says:

    Yeah, there’s enough going wrong already with Monsanto’s death seeds and GMO gene experiments on us all (with out our consent through many unlabeled products we already consume and feed our families); fracking and the destruction of fresh water by the millions of gallons, earthquake potential and occurance, air pollution and now radioactive waste water too; and speaking of that, Fukushima just gets worse by the week and they have no idea how to “fix” it or how long it will take and meanwhile they’re polluting the crap out of the Pacific Ocean, the US and everywhere else the jet stream and ocean currents carry their toxic byproduct with a half life measured in tens of thousands of years. This is all just added on to all the other messes our industrial civilization has caused and still hasn’t cleaned up from the Exxon spill to the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

    Hey – thanks for caring about what you DO care about! Most people couldn’t give a care.

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