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As Americans Elect Continues to Wind Down, Watch 1787 For America

Indications of the last two months are that the privatized presidential election corporation called Americans Elect is shuttering its state operations while maintaining a nominal national presence. The latest Americans Elect state affiliate to go defunct is that of Maine; an annual report from Americans Elect in Maine was due at the end of May but despite Americans Elect’s extensive investment of money in Maine’s U.S. Senate race this past fall, no report has not been filed.

As Americans Elect continues to wind down, Richard Winger of Ballot Access News brings our attention to a new political corporation on the horizon “1787 for America,” also known as the “1787 National Committee, Inc.”

As of today, the website of this Section 527 corporation is hidden behind a password-protected wall, but some information has been leaking out in advance of a public rollout. Thanks to Chairman Emily Mathews’ filing with the Federal Election Commission, the corporate bylaws have been published — read their full text here. In those bylaws, the 1787 National Committee, Inc. shows a clear intention to field a candidate for President of the United States in 2016, running under a corporate model very similar to that of Americans Elect. As with Americans Elect, Americans will be able to sign up as “members” of the 1787 National Committee and are supposed to be able to cast votes for candidates for President, but also as with Americans Elect these “members” will not have any say in the actual governance of the 1787 National Committee. Instead, as with Americans Elect, the self-appointed corporate board of directors (and any board-appointed successors) will have sole power in the running of the “1787 for America” process — including making changes to the bylaws that determine how the presidential election will be run.

For now, there are elements in the tentative presidential election process of “1787 for America” that are improvements over the Americans Elect process. Any candidate who is constitutionally qualified to run for president will be supposedly eligible to run under the 1787 for America system. All meetings are according to the bylaws supposed to be open, without secret ballots, and with all minutes posted online for the public to see within 15 days of their occurrence.

Of course, according to Chairman Emily Mathews, “the Board of Directors has met ten times,” and yet all information on the website is hidden from the public behind a password wall. Maybe that’s about to change — wait and see.

Also wait and see what kind of platform or agenda the “1787 National Committee” will or will not be rolling out before you jump on the bandwagon. This may or may not be influenced by the agenda of its organizers. For now, it may be helpful for you to know that the official address of “1787 for America”, on New York City’s famed Madison Avenue, is the same as the official address of Mathews Global Consulting LLC, a firm also headed by Emily that specializes in strategy, risk management and public relations for its clients.

As the 2014 and 2016 elections gear up, expect political organizers to try and learn from the successes and mistakes of groups like Americans Elect in the 2012 election. What will be emulated? What will be improved upon? Who and what may newly imperil the integrity of American politics? Watch and wait. Wait and watch. Always watch.

8 thoughts on “As Americans Elect Continues to Wind Down, Watch 1787 For America”

  1. Bill says:

    Fascinating. So many important events in world history happened in 1787, it will be interesting to see which of them is referred to in the organization’s name. According to Wikipedia, some headline events of 1787 include:
    * Death of The Two-Headed Boy of Bengal
    * Birth of Serbian linguist, Vuk Stefanovi? Karadži?
    * The element silicon was first identified by Antoine Lavoisier
    * Captain William Bligh set sail from England for Tahiti in HMS Bounty
    * Don Giovanni premiered in the Estates Theatre in Prague
    * Alexander Suvorov sustained a wound at the battle of Kinburn, but nevertheless routed the Turks
    * The U.S. Constitution was adopted by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia

    1. Dave says:

      *Shay’s rebellion fails
      *Austrian Emporer Jozef II bans children under 8 from labour
      *Congress establishes Northwest Territory, excludes slavery
      *Boston blacks petition legislature for equal school facilities
      Oops. Hit the caps key!

      1. Bill says:

        Personally, I’m pretty sure it’s the Two-Headed Boy thing.

  2. Kevin says:

    What is the point? Why do they keep performing this meaningless, money-draining exercise every 4 years?

    Is this just excess members of the overclass needing something to do, dreaming of politics and implementing it in the only way they know how: with vapid corporate sloganeering and a board of directors safely insulated from the hoi polloi? Not understanding that corporations only function due to the efforts of their employees despite the board’s parasitism, they view themselves as the important, guiding force and now imagine their meetings will still accomplish so much even when they don’t offer anyone even the paltry compensation they do in their day jobs…

    Their influence seems to be limited to about one person pointing out these parties on my facebook feed every four years. Are they actually effecting the narrative enough to keep bothering with this?

    They just don’t even seem to care about their ineffectiveness. Maybe it’s something else: a way to give cronies and family members titles with no important responsibility, yet with the sound of respectability; in particular, “experience” that shows their dedication to the cause of the corporate elite, to either kickstart or rehabilitate their careers sitting around in board rooms trying desperately to think of something to say that sounds important.

    I’m sure if I was one of them I would get what was going on here. I just… don’t see the point. If I had that kind of power/influence I’d spend my time hiking and traveling instead. Can anyone explain?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      It’s not clear that these are the same people as were behind Americans Elect. We’ll have to see what comes out here.

  3. Bill says:

    Emily Mathews looks like she’s a serial political party founder. lists her as the treasurer of something called Revive America National Committee, whose FEC filings reveal it was organized in Feb. 2012, raised and spent a total of $620, and turned out the lights in Oct. 2012. Revive America’s web site,, is no longer alive, but its historic record can be found at the Internet Archive. Some of the language used on that 2012 site to describe Revive America is identical to language used in 1787’s FEC filings, e.g. “There is no preconceived agenda, no inflexible platform, and no misplaced loyalty to special
    interest groups or national political committees. This has never been tried before
    Move along…nothing to see here.

  4. Steven says:

    After my hopes and irrational exuberance were dashed by those a-holes from Americans Elect…
    once bitten twice shy, I guess.

  5. Bob Higgins says:

    Possibly trying to pimp her book on Amazon. I’m sure the folks in DC have a use for ANOTHER 527 that just happens to have an interest in Texas.

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