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American Intelligence Officials Heard Talking About Disappearing Edward Snowden

When the news came out about Edward Snowden, the intelligence consultant who heroically sacrificed his comfort, his possessions, and probably his liberty to bring to light the U.S. military programs to spy against the American people, corporate journalists scrambled to try to discredit him.

Among their initial efforts: Scoff at Snowden’s fears about being targeted for rendition by American spy agencies. Corporate news operations sniffed, and called him “paranoid”.

Of course, these same journalists once said that the idea that the government had created a massive electronic surveillance dragnet was paranoid, too.

These critics of Edward Snowden might also want to pause to consider what Steve Clemons overheard at the Washington Dulles Airport yesterday. Clemons observed several men gathered together, speaking loudly, one of whom was wearing a shirt featuring the logo of a “national counter-terrorism center”. The men were talking about how Edward Snowden should be “disappeared”.

If they’re talking in public about doing this to Edward Snowden, what are they planning in private?

Of course, we can’t know, because in the U.S.A., while the government gets to search through the details of citizens’ private lives, citizens aren’t given the right to know what their own government is doing in their names.

The government gets security. We get no such assurances.

One thought on “American Intelligence Officials Heard Talking About Disappearing Edward Snowden”

  1. Tom says:

    Sad, but true. Stand up for what’s right and those in power will find ways to silence, marginalize or get rid of you. Industrial civilization demands obedience at home and oppression abroad (Guy McPherson). Environmental movements, economic or industrial reform or regulation, protest of any kind – none of this can change the trajectory we’re on now.

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