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The CHURCH Act in Congress is a Flop

Back in 2009, Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas decided he’d had enough of Americans galavanting about, exhibiting the religion of their choice or no religion at all, willy-nilly, hither and thither, all around the town just as they saw fit. To correct this disturbing trend of religious pluralism. Rep. Gohmert introduced the Congressional Hope for Uniform Recognition of Christian Heritage Act, also known as the CHURCH Act. The CHURCH Act rejects the separation of church and state, and mandates instead that a sign be erected in Congress avowing Gohmert’s vision of true religious freedom: that people should be allowed to choose between different Christian denominations.

Since 2009, Louie Gohmert has repeatedly introduced the measure. In the 111th Congress of 2009-2010, Gohmert attracted 14 supporters for his special mandated sign law. That figure rose in the 112th Congress of 2011-2012 to 28 supporters. But something happened in between the 112th Congress and the 113th Congress of 2013-2014: religious conservatives in the Republican Party got pummeled in the election booth. In the 113th Congress, Louie Gohmert’s Christians-only sign bill for the Congress has attracted only 4 supporters.

CHURCH Act supporters plummet in the 113th Congress

Even within the GOP, the CHURCH act is getting old.

2 thoughts on “The CHURCH Act in Congress is a Flop”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    A month later, Gohmert’s bill hasn’t attracted any further support.

  2. Jim Cook says:

    Heck, it’s a year later and still the CHURCH Act hasn’t attracted further support.

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