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The Incidence of Trent Franks Thinking is Very Low

It is possible, even from the great distance of Maine, to hear the DC press corps exhale with a collective “OMiGod” at the remarkably ignorant declaration of Republican Congressman Trent Franks, who Aaron Blake and Laura Bassett and Garance Franke-Ruta explain, available research indicates that rape does not result in a lower pregnancy rate than consensual sex, and tens of thousands of pregnancies in the United States every year occur as the result or rape. In short, Trent Franks couldn’t be more wrong — and it’s on the back on his simply wrong claims that he’s trying to pass H.R. 1797, bill to force the criminalization of abortion upon the citizens of the District of Columbia, even in the case of rape.

The Incidence of Trent Franks Thinking is Very Low ButtonAs you hear partisan spinners declare Trent Franks’ counterfactual assertions to be an anomaly among Republicans, remember that it was less than a year ago that Republican Senator Todd Akin made the same claim.

As you watch his fellow Republicans back away rapidly from Trent Franks due to his impolitic manner of speaking, remember that until this afternoon, Trent Franks’ efforts were well-supported within Republican ranks. His bill to punish victims of rape out of ignorance is supported by a group of 171 cosponsors, a group that is overwhelmingly male and overwhelmingly Republican.

As Republican leaders everywhere feign shock that a member of Congress like Trent Franks could dream up such a thing, look at the long-standing record of Trent Franks’ kooky extremism — it’s all a matter of public record.

These are just a few examples of Trent Franks’ extremist political practices. It’s been fairly clear for some time that Trent Franks’ thought-starved agenda was out of step with mainstream American ideals. But until he proved an embarrassment, the Republican Party held Trent Franks in a tight embrace as one of its own.

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