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These Senators Voted To Fund Big Tobacco By Cutting Food Stamps

By what criteria could we define a heartless politician?

There’s a great deal of moral room between the points of callousness, corruption and cruelty, but I would like to think that most Americans would agree that a politician who…

First votes to protect government payments to keep tobacco farmers in business,
and Second votes to cut billions of dollars from programs that feed hungry people

… should be categorized as among the heartless. After all, who could make such a cruel pair of votes?

Too many members of the U.S. Senate, that’s who.

cigarettes and food stampsEach of the following U.S. senators voted against an effort to end government payments to tobacco farmers, and then, just a few days later, voted for a bill that cuts 4 billion dollars in food stamps aid to hungry Americans.

The Cruel Caucus Of The U.S. Senate:

Lamar Alexander – Republican
Max Baucus – Democrat
Roy Blunt – Republican
John Boozman – Republican
Richard Burr – Republican
Saxby Chambliss – Republican
Thad Cochran – Republican
Chris Coons – Democrat
Bill Cowan – Democrat
Joe Donnelly – Democrat
Deb Fischer – Republican
Lindsey Graham – Republican
Charles Grassley – Republican
Kay Hagan – Democrat
Tom Harkin – Democrat
Heidi Heitkamp – Democrat
Mazie Hirono – Democrat
John Hoeven – Republican
Mike Johanns – Republican
Tim Kaine – Democrat
Angus King – Independent
Mary Landrieu – Democrat
Patrick Leahy – Democrat
Jerry Moran – Republican
Christopher Murphy – Democrat
Bill Nelson – Democrat
Mark Pryor – Democrat
Harry Reid – Democrat
Debbie Stabenow – Democrat
Jon Tester – Democrat
David Vitter – Republican
Roger Wicker – Republican

Who said that bipartisanship was dead? Here we see both Republicans and Democrats, protecting Big Tobacco while telling hungry people to go to hell.

They all ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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