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Partisan Churning Reaches New Height: GOP Loves the ACLU?

If you’ve been paying attention to politics for more than one election cycle, you’ve seen the partisan churn in action. When Party X is in power and Party Y is out of power, Party Y will complain about overreach of executive power by Party X and Party X will speak with disdain about the anti-government “nuts” in Party Y. Switch the parties and you’ll see a switch in roles — often about the very same issues. Inconsistency is the mark of the insincere partisan.

Exhibit Q: GOP praises the ACLU for lawsuit against Obama admnistration. See also the headline, “Hell Freezes Over.”

1 comment to Partisan Churning Reaches New Height: GOP Loves the ACLU?

  • And now, Ed Schultz is using his radio show to beat up on Edward Snowden, and to proclaim that the number one mission we have in the United States is to make people safe from terrorism.

    What a jerk! Is there anything Ed Schultz won’t say to defend the political interests of the Democratic Party establishment?

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