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Obama Says His Secrets Are All Transparent

Today, President Barack Obama is giving us a new reason that we should all just forget about his use of George W. Bush’s Homeland Security electronic dragnet to take our private communications and make them available to be read at will by military spies.

“It is transparent,” Obama says of his military spy network targeting tens of millions of Americans. “That’s why we set up the FISA court.”

File this story in the folder entitled How Stupid Does He Think We Are?

obama nsa transparencyThe Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, what Obama refers to as the FISA court, is not transparent. It’s a court that acts in secret. Its judges aren’t identified. Its location is not identified. The cases that are brought before the it are secret. Its process is secret. Even the legal theories the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court are kept secret from the American people.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has been kept so secret that, until this month, the American people didn’t have any concrete evidence that the court was rubber stamping a military surveillance system so huge that it has been spying on practically every human being within the borders of the USA for at least six years. The Obama Administration had been telling everyone that the court was only approving spying against foreigners outside the United States. We were being lied to, but we had no way of knowing it.

That’s not what transparency looks like.

The FISA court is the opposite of transparent.

Barack Obama’s excuses for his massive violation of Americans’ constitutional rights are transparently dishonest.

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