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Stephanie Miller Defends Big Brother Spying To Keep Advertisers Happy

So Barack Obama ordered practically every cell phone in the United States to be traced. So what?

So the Obama Administration continued without reform the Orwellian programs from the days of George W. Bush that Obama promised to fix. What’s the big deal?

So the Democratic Party is now celebrating the sacrifice of freedom for the sake of a little security. Who cares, so long as we’re safe?

That’s been the attitude of the Stephanie Miller radio show for the last two weeks. With every new revelation that the Big Brother electronic spying against Americans was even bigger, and even worse, than what Barack Obama had admitted to, Stephanie Miller has released a sigh of exasperation, and blasted liberals for daring to criticize Barack Obama’s right wing position in favor of totalitarian surveillance of American citizens.

This stance may be surprising to some. Hasn’t Stephanie Miller positioned herself as a “progressive” and a “liberal”?

Yes, she did… for as long as that was a convenient advertising demographic.

You see, Stephanie Miller knows that if she can’t keep her advertisers, she can’t keep her radio show. Without her radio show, Stephanie Miller won’t have a job, and Stephanie Miller isn’t the sort to sacrifice her comfort and position for a matter of principle. She’s in the entertainment business, and she will say whatever it takes to keep the advertisers paying the bills.

stephanie miller shill

Oh dear, what advertisers Stephanie Miller has chosen to align herself with.

The two primary advertisers on the Stephanie Miller radio show are: Carbonite, a company that promises its customers private, secure storage of their data online; and Go To My PC, a company that promises its customers that they can access the data and programs on their computers securely and privately.

Would it do for Stephanie Miller to acknowledge to her listeners that the private information they store on Carbonite’s systems does not remain private? Would it be profitable for Stephanie Miller to admit to her listeners that, whenever they use a system like Go To My PC, their personal documents become available to be read by spies?

Could Stephanie Miller report honestly on these stories, and then turn around and give a little commercial endorsement for Carbonite and Go To My PC? Oh, no. That would be bad for business.

So, Stephanie Miller tells her radio audience that the NSA online surveillance scandal is nothing to worry about. Just relax, she says, and go pay your monthly fees to my advertisers.

There’s a word we have for people who will promote whatever political message they are paid to promote, regardless of its accuracy. We call them shills.

Stephanie Miller is a Grade A shill.

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