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Obama’s FBI Is Spying On America Using Drones

This morning, at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee, FBI director Robert Mueller admitted that the FBI has been using robotic drone aircraft to spy on the United States.

The Obama Administration has been grabbing information on all our phone calls, and snooping in on our email – and no, the NSA spies have not restricted themselves to seizing merely metadata. The military has been recording every web site we visit, too. They’ve been targeting Americans with these operations, using laws that they told us would be directed against foreign spies and overseas terrorists. It’s all been done without a constitutional search warrant, too.

So now, bring in the drones.

drone surveillanceSenator Charles Grassley has said that, although the spying by drones has been going on for some time, he hadn’t been told anything about the program of domestic aerial surveillance against Americans before today.

Senator Mark Udall, upon learning of the drone surveillance over the USA, noted that, although the FBI has already put flying surveillance robots into place over the United States, the FBI hasn’t bothered to complete any rules for using the aircraft to ensure that Americans’ constitutional rights are not violated. Udall wrote, “I am concerned the FBI is deploying drone technology while only being in the ‘initial stages’ of developing guidelines to protect Americans’ privacy rights. I look forward to learning more about this program and will do everything in my power to hold the FBI accountable and ensure its actions respect the US constitution.”

Memo to President Obama: When the Fourth Amendment was passed, promising protection from unreasonable search by the government, I’m pretty sure that the Founding Fathers would have counted flying spy robots hovering over American cities as a form of unreasonable search.

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