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Americans Organize Resistance To Obama’s Big Brother Surveillance Systems

The Obama Administration is grabbing your metadata everyday, keeping records on who you call, who you email, what you buy, and which web sites you visit. They’re also reading through Americans’ emails and listening to the content of their telephone calls – without any search warrant. To top it all off, the Obama Administration is sending surveillance drones into the skies over the USA to spy against American targets.

How serious is this? Consider this: Dissident Ai Wei Wei, who has become famous around the world for facing down the totalitarian Chinese government, is worried for the USA. “It will be shocking if Americans allow this to continue,” he says.

He’s right. Americans cannot allow this Homeland Security surveillance state to continue and still claim that the USA stands for freedom and democracy. If we fail to end the abuses crafted under the Patriot Act and FISA Amendments Act, we will become known as the generation that allowed an authoritarian system to destroy the American system of constitutional liberty.

Thank goodness, many Americans are stepping forward to confront the menace of Obama’s Big Brother.

Among them are the people at Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. CREW is organizing a movement to pressure Congress to establish a special investigative committee to uncover how far spying abuses under Barack Obama have gone. Over 100 other organizations have joined this movement.

Yesterday, Melanie Sloan, the Executive Director of CREW, sent out an email stating, “Now is the time for a far-ranging commission to investigate and publicly report on the ever-growing national security state that has become the norm since 9/11. While some matters do need to be kept secret, it is clear the public’s need to know has not been given sufficient weight. We should have the opportunity to review, understand, and debate our government’s constitutional arguments for infringing on our privacy in the name of national security.”

The Bill of Rights Defense Committee has established a group of lawyers to investigate the creation of Fusion centers that are used to store the huge amount of private data that the military and FBI are seizing from Americans every day.

World Can’t Wait is organizing street protests and forums against the NSA spying.

Restore the Fourth is planning protests across America on July 4th to reassert the Fourth Amendment against the Obama Administration’s unconstitutional surveillance programs.

There’s a lot of activism going on. Will you lend a hand?

One thought on “Americans Organize Resistance To Obama’s Big Brother Surveillance Systems”

  1. Tom says:

    To your last question: Will it do any good?

    Look what happened to the OWS movement and protests, and where are the results? How about all the protests, petitions and such against King Coal, Big Ag (and more specifically Monsanto), the endless wars (. . . and now, Syria), and environmental destruction of all kinds?

    I’m still out here writing to Obama, my senators and other congresscritters, petitioning weekly for Food and Water Watch in PA, and taking part in all manner of protests (since Bush I), but I don’t see anything changing for the better in any significant way. Just sayin’ – keep up the fight, but don’t get your hopes up that politics is going to change anything corporate Amurika is doing.

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