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One Enhancement Irregular Times Won’t Make

As I explained last night, we’re exploring a good number of ways to enhance Irregular Times, to make it a richer experience for our readers, helping to create ways to go beyond merely observing political process, into cooperative activism.

This morning, I’ve found one system extension that I can’t recommend to the other Irregular Times writers for our use: BuddyStream. BuddyStream would, if we installed it, integrate our readers’ social media accounts with Irregular Times, allowing sites like Facebook to track readers’ activities here, but also allowing Irregular Times to track readers’ activities on sites like Facebook.

Isn’t there enough tracking going on these days already?

social media plugin that cannot spellWith the PRISM electronic spy network grabbing private data from people’s accounts with companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Apple, adding BuddyStream to our site would make Irregular Times part of the problem. We would be opening up the lives of political activists to increased military surveillance through the NSA, and as I hope our readers have noticed over the last couple of weeks, we’re not big fans of Big Brother.

Beyond privacy concerns, I have quality concerns with BuddyStream. The first thing I see when I visit the BuddyStream web site is a big, very pretty graphic, with cartoon character giving different reasons they use BuddyStream:

“My users can now synchronize there favorite social accounts!”

“There are so many supported networks, and even more are comming!”

“The interface is just mindblowing. Ans easy to use for everyone.”

If the people at BuddyStream can’t even bother to check the dominant graphic at their site for obvious spelling errors, what kind of mistakes have they left in the BuddyStream code?

4 thoughts on “One Enhancement Irregular Times Won’t Make”

  1. Dave says:

    There spelling may be bad but there graffics are awsum.

  2. J Clifford says:

    Butt there graffics are awsum, you mean.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Know, I dont thinc he ment that!

  3. Tom says:

    “They” (are wunderful protecters, the NSA) already have all this anyway, do what you want.

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