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What’s Going On With Irregular Times?

You may have noticed that things have changed a bit here at Irregular Times today. The look of our web site has changed a bit, as has the content. So what’s going on?

As Jim explained earlier this month, we’ve been having problems with the company that bought out our previous hosting company. First, Jumpline purposefully slowed down Irregular Times without telling us they were doing it. Then, they started taking Irregular Times periodically, with no warning. To our regular readers, we apologize for these frustrating problems.

Now, we can share the good news: Irregular Times has a new host, and so we’re leaving the Jumpline problems behind us. We’re working with a company called A Small Orange, and so far, it’s going smoothly. Besides a smoother experience for you, our readers, an additional benefit to working with A Small Orange is environmental: The company not only uses energy efficient technologies, but also purchases renewable energy certificates to fund the development of sustainable energy sources.

We have decided, while we’re making the shift to our new host, to place a greater emphasis on our newer material. That means that we’re pruning some of our older articles. Irregular Times has been online since 1995, and we’re figuring that people probably aren’t going to be looking for our writing on the Monica Lewinsky scandal, or Bill Clinton’s second presidential campaign.

Moving forward, with the experience we’ve gained with online politics, we’re considering making Irregular Times more dynamic, offering readers opportunities to become more active… as in activism. We’re looking at platforms we can use to develop and encourage liberal political activism. We need to do more than just talk about important issues, so we’ll be experimenting with these platforms in the weeks to come, while continuing what we’ve always done, providing an aggressively independent political voice with an irregular bent.

If you’ve got ideas about what you’d like Irregular Times to do, or to not do, in these times of change, please let us know.

2 thoughts on “What’s Going On With Irregular Times?”

  1. Charles Manning says:

    Irregular Times has become a favorite. I hope it continues to be user friendly. I like the method of presenting one article in one email, rather than a set of articles, although multiple articles are easily accessed. The management often comes up with very astute observations. I find it easy and tempting to take five or ten minutes to comment; that’s all I usually have. It takes longer on CNN, Wall Street Journal, NYT, CBS, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, and others where I like to comment because I can reach conservatives – I enjoy debating conservatives. The main problem on most of those sites is the vast number of mindless, trivial comments that one has to wade through, and the difficulty of finding responses to comments. On the other hand, Irregular Times appears to have so few commenters that I wonder if what I write is being read by anyone, let alone conservatives. When I suggested that there ought to be legal consequences to producers of propaganda like “The Innocence of Muslims” if the producers distribute their material knowing it will cause bloody riots in Muslim-dominated countries in which the governments won’t be able or inclined to stop such riots, there were quite a few comments. Other than that, either I haven’t been controversial on Irregular Times, or there aren’t many readers, other than the authors of the main articles. Still, I value your product and hope to continue contributing. Only wish I had money to contribute. By the way, I’m still waiting for someone to ask the people who attacked the Benghazi consulate if they were motivated by “The Innocence of Muslims,” which sparked nearby riots. Evidently proponents of the GWOT are afraid to look into that.

  2. Tom says:

    Charles: I read your posts but only comment when time permits, I have something to add or disagree. There are probably more readers than you think. I’ve linked to this site’s articles many times and quoted posts that display real journalism that’s so lacking in the MSM.

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